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Jinxed At First Episode 16 Recap: Ending Explained + Will Girls' Generation Seohyun And Na In Woo Return For Season 2?

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Credit: iQIYI K-Drama/YouTube Screenshot

Jinxed At First has recently ended, and many viewers are still swooning over the lovely chemistry that the lead stars, Girls’ Generation Seohyun and Na In Woo, have.

Based on a webtoon of the same name, the Kdrama Jinxed At First first premiered on June 15, 2022. It is a fantasy romance drama that depicts the story of an unlucky man who meets the goddess of fortune who was hidden by a rich family.

On August 4, 2022, Jinxed At First Episode 16 received a nationwide viewership rating of 3.0%. Here is a Jinxed At First Episode 16 recap, the ending explained, and whether the fantasy Kdrama will have season 2.

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Jinxed At First Episode 16 Recap

Jinxed At First Episode 16 sees Seulbi sacrificing the remaining bits of her powers to rewind time in order to save Sookwang’s life. All her happy moments with him flashed back in her memories, and she was not hesitant to sacrifice herself to save the life of her one true love.

The time resumed, and Sookwang immediately dodged the bullet. He tried to stop Dongshik from causing any more harm.

Police came, along with Minjoon. They took all the gang members away from the abandoned building. Minjoon followed Sookwang upstairs to check on Seulbi, but she was nowhere to be found. It was like she was a memory that faded away over time.

Months passed, and Sookwang became the director of the foundation. And even though lots of fake reports have been received only for the reward money, Sookwang did not give up and continued to look for her. They still are looking for Seulbi.

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Girls’ Generation Seohyun Has No Memory In Jinxed At First Episode 16

When Sookwang received a report that someone found a woman who speaks long names of marine animals, he was sure that it was Seulbi. He did not hesitate to travel far into the island just to confirm.

And it was really Seulbi. But she has no memory of her life, so it was difficult for Sookwang to take her with him back to Seoul.

Sookwang tells Chief Wang and Daeshik to return to Seoul and tend to the issues in the foundation. He says he will try to help Seulbi recover her memories.

Seulbi arrived on that island without any memories, even her name. So the neighbourhood elder took her in and treated her as her granddaughter.

After a couple of days, Seulbi felt Sookwang’s sincerity and gave him a chance to explain things to her. Sookwang tells her everything about her identity, which convinces Seulbi to come with him to return to Seoul.

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Girls’ Generation Seohyun And Na In Woo Create A Happy Family In Jinxed At First Episode 16

Even though her memories have not yet returned, Seulbi learned to love Sookwang on her own. She agreed to get married, and they had a healthy baby boy.

Five years passed, and they visited the church where Sookwang’s mother always prayed when she was still alive. Sookwang sees Seulbi and their child seeking the letters in the stones that spell “I love you.”

It was a miracle that Seulbi remembered where the letters were, and it was probably a hint that she had finally recovered her memories.

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Will Jinxed At First Have Season 2?

As of this article’s writing, there is no confirmed news about Girls’ Generation Seohyun and Na In Woo returning for Jinxed At First Season 2.

Based on the Jinxed At First Episode 16, it was a happy ending–with the female lead recovering her memories and continuing a prosperous life with her beau. So, if the Kdrama will have a season 2, it may only discuss their lives as a family.

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