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Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Highlights Ayano Toki in Latest Trailer

Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Ayano

Laid-Back Camp is perhaps the perfect series to watch for anime fans looking for a wholesome and relaxing break from action-packed shonen or isekai stories. Ahead of the show’s return in 2024, Laid-Back Camp got a new trailer for Season 3, which put the spotlight on Ayano Toki.

Ayano is not a new character as she has appeared in Season 2 and the movie, though she isn’t exactly a major character. As this new trailer shows though, Ayano will play a bigger role in the upcoming season.

Tomoyo Kurosawa Returns in Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Cast as Ayano

This isn’t the first trailer for Laid-Back Camp Season 3 as the anime got a preview video two months ago.

Unlike the first trailer, which focused on Nadeshiko and the other returning characters, this latest one focuses on Ayano Toki.

Fans who didn’t watch the movie may be forgiven if they forgot about Ayano. After all, she only appeared briefly in the show’s second season.

As this new trailer shows, Ayano will finally get more screen time in Season 3. Her appearance should give viewers an idea why Japanese fans voted her among the top 10 favorite characters of the series.

Voicing Ayano in Season 3 is Tomoyo Kurosawa. She returns after voicing Ayano in her short appearances in Season 2. Kurosawa also voiced Ayano’s older self in last year’s movie.

Seiyuu enthusiasts are probably familiar with Kurosawa as she has voiced plenty of popular characters in her career. She is perhaps best known as the VA of Kumiko Oumae in Sound! Euphonium.

Kurosawa is also the VA of Mitsumi Iwakura in Skip and Loafer, as well as Rebecca in the Japanese dub of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

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Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Premieres in Spring 2024

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The Laid-Back Camp anime’s first season aired in Winter 2018. This was followed by Season 2, which aired three years after in Winter 2021.

Given the three-year gap between the first two seasons, it’s no surprise that the third season is coming out in 2024. Instead of Winter, the show will premiere in Spring 2024.

The new season also features a change in studio. Eight Bit (of Blue Lock fame) is taking over animation duties from C-Station.

Even though it’s a bit of a wait, fans were treated to the Laid-Back Camp Movie last year. This film is a bit of a departure as it’s set years after the anime series’ current time.

Laid-Back Camp Season 3 will be released in April 2024.

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