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Kate Middleton Tangled In A World Of Drugs, Girls For Hire, Scandalous High Society Due To Her Family, Friends? Prince William’s Wife Allegedly Had Unfortunate Connections That Queen Elizabeth Wanted To Keep Hidden

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Kate Middleton is the new Princess of Wales. She earned the title since she’s married to Prince William, who is now the Prince of Wales. In the coming years, Middleton will be known as Queen Kate following the death of Prince Charles. But for now, she is the Princess of Wales following Queen Elizabeth’s passing.

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Queen Elizabeth Wanted To Keep Kate Middleton’s Unfortunate Connections Hidden From The World

According to Radar Online, when Queen Elizabeth was still alive, she wanted to keep some of Kate Middleton’s unfortunate connections with certain family members and friends hidden. After all, it could be regarded as a disgrace to the royal family.

“Before William set the date for their much-anticipated wedding he had to face some of Kate’s unfortunate connections that a future British Queen would really rather keep hidden,” a source said.

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Prince William Cut Ties With Kate Middleton’s Uncle After He Spread Rumors About Their Relationship

According to reports, Prince William took the liberty to cut ties with his wife’s uncle, Gary Goldsmith after the latter was caught in a sting operation selling drugs to an undercover reporter.

Goldsmith previously bragged about his connection to the royal family and revealed that Prince William once vacationed in his villa in Ibiza. He also spilled some of Prince William and Middleton’s secrets and accused the future king of making some rude comments about Middleton while they were having dinner as a family.

“William adores Kate’s parents, Michael and Carole, but he had no choice but to cut all ties with her uncle. Everyone felt bad for Kate — because it’s not like you can choose your relatives,” the source said.

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Kate Middleton Dragged In Her Friend And Brother’s Controversies

However, this isn’t where Middleton’s unfortunate connections ended. The Princess of Wales was previously friends with Emma Slayer, who was exposed for running high society swing parties.

Slayer’s parties allegedly required attendees to pay $200 or more for drinks, strip dance, and be intimate with strangers inside luxury hotel rooms.

Middleton’s brother, James Middleton was also linked to Forestry For Life, where he worked as a part-time employee. The fund reportedly promised a $37,5000 return in investment within three years but they failed to deliver because there was no proper documentation.

At one point, the brother and sister also made headlines because of their controversial photos. James was previously photographed wearing the attire of a French maid. His sister, on the other hand, was photographed wearing Playboy bunny ears shortly after their brief split in 2007.

Despite all of Middleton’s tangled associations with these individuals, Prince William still decided to marry her. And now, she’s no longer linked to all these people.

Prince William and Middleton are also unfazed by the associations because they have more important things to focus on right now, especially after the queen’s passing.

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