Wendy Williams’ Talk Show Staffers Had A Goodbye Reel Prepared In Case Host Passes Away? Wendy Williams Show Host’s Behavior Reportedly Left People Worried

Credit: The View/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The View/YouTube Screenshot

Wendy Williams’ erratic behavior caused the staffers of her former program, The Wendy Williams Show to worry about her. In fact, things became so bad when it came to Williams’ attitude that they decided to put a plan in place in case she suddenly passes away.

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Wendy Williams’ Behavior Led Her Staffers To Think That She Could Die Anytime

According to Radar Online, a goodbye reel was made prior to the cancelation of The Wendy Williams Show. And it features some of Wendy Williams’ most memorable moments on the program that she hosted for years.

“It is not unusual for media outlets to prepare obituaries for older stars, or celebrities melting down like Britney Spears. However, to prepare a tribute to say ‘goodbye’ to your own boss was bizarre. Producers had a package edited and ready to go just in case the worst happened. It was basically a highlight reel honoring all Wendy’s greatest moments playing over very sad music,” the source said.

Of course, the goodbye reel was never released because Williams is still alive. However, the producers and staffers of The Wendy Williams Show still have the clip in their possession.

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Wendy Williams Allegedly Hid Alcohol Bottles In The Ceiling Of Her Office

Weeks ago, a report surfaced regarding Williams’ behavior while she was on the set of her talk show. There were claims that staffers found bottles of alcohol hidden in weird places like the ceiling inside her office.

Other insiders also claimed that Williams acted as though she didn’t know that she was axed from The Wendy Williams Show.

Some former staffers also claimed that Williams once called them for a Zoom meeting, where the host ranted for several hours without necessarily making any sense.

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Wendy Williams Allegedly Wants Her A-List Friends Not To Support Sherri Shepherd

Following Williams’ axing, Sherri Shepherd was tapped to replace Williams permanently. Now, there are whispers that Williams is refusing to support Shepard. And she has allegedly been asking her friends to boycott Shepard’s program.

“Here’s Wendy calling Nick Cannon and a bunch of D-listers from Bravo, and Sherri is taking calls from Oprah. Wendy has a public breakdown and lost her show and Oprah, or no one else for that matter, called Wendy,” the source said.

Shepherd’s talk show titled Sherri will premiere on Sept. 12. The program will take over Williams’ former timeslot. And Williams’ former production team is involved in Sherri.

But as of writing, there’s no indication that Williams is upset with Shepherd talking over her timeslot. Following the announcement, Williams said that she’s happy for Shepherd, but this doesn’t mean she will watch Sherri.

“I [like] her, but I won’t be watching her because I know what she’s gonna be doing and that’s really not my thing. Ummm, you know? Do you know what I’m saying? Anyway,” she said (via Shadow Act).

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