Queen Elizabeth Faces A Deadly Diagnosis Because Of Her Bruised Hand? Monarch Allegedly Sparks Speculation That She Could Be Battling Leukemia

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Elizabeth made a brief public appearance this week when she welcomed Britain’s new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, to the palace. A photo of the monarch and Truss’s meeting was shared online, and eagle-eyed royal fans couldn’t help but notice the bruising on the queen’s right hand.

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Queen Elizabeth Allegedly Deals With Some Health Issues

According to Radar Online, there have been ongoing health fears when it comes to Queen Elizabeth. After all, the monarch is not getting any younger. And any sign of bruising or difficulty in walking and moving immediately causes the public to worry about her.

The publication claimed that “top doctors” raised alarm bells on the “real” reason why the queen has been experiencing bruising on certain parts of her body. They also quoted longevity expert Dr. Gabriel Mirkin as saying that the bruising is a troubling sign that the queen could be suffering from leukemia.

“In an elderly woman like her, bruising that’s not the result of trauma points to the loss of clotting component and indicates a blood cancer, like leukemia or lymphoma. Leukemia kills because it leaves you defenseless against germs and cancer cells. It also causes your body to produce fewer red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the heart and brain — leaving you anemic. This can also cause clotting and heart failure,” Mirkin said.

Some of the most common treatments for leukemia include chemotherapy, radiation, and targeted therapy.

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Royal Fans, Royal Experts Worried About Queen Elizabeth’s Health

Last year, General Sir Nick Carter also expressed his concerns for Her Majesty following their meeting at Windsor Castle. At the time, Carter also noticed the queen’s bruised hand.

But according to Dr. Jay Verma, the queen’s health problem is not necessarily concerning because she could just be suffering from cold hands or Raynaud’s phenomenon.

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Queen Elizabeth Has Not Been Diagnosed With Leukemia

However, it is important to note that the queen’s spokesperson and even her doctors have not revealed anything about her health. So, it’s unlikely for her to be battling leukemia.

But since the queen is already in her late 90s, it is true that she has been making fewer public appearances in recent months. In fact, Prince Charles and Prince William have been taking over some of her royal duties lately.

And it seems this will continue to be their arrangement because the queen is already experiencing decreased mobility because of her delicate age.

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