All The Rumors That Surrounded Queen Elizabeth’s Health Before She Died Revisited: From Her Majesty Allegedly Knowing She Won’t Survive Until The End Of 2022 To Former Monarch Exhausted Due To Prince Andrew, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

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Credit: CBS Mornings/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Elizabeth sadly passed away on Sept. 8. Even though she was already 96 years old and preparations for her passing have long been put in place, the announcement still came as a shock to everyone. Hours before her passing, a statement was released saying that her doctors were worried about her. Not long after, a sign was placed outside the gates of Balmoral confirming that the queen had died.

But even before she passed away, there was already a slew of rumors surrounding her health. Several publications insisted that Queen Elizabeth did not have long to live, even though their claims are baseless. Here’s a look at some of the most dubious claims regarding Her Majesty’s health before she passed on.

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Queen Elizabeth Dying Of Stress Because Of Prince Andrew, Prince Harry, And Meghan Markle

In November 2021, National Enquirer alleged that the then-monarch had a feeling that her days were already numbered because she had been dealing with too much stress. But since she promised to serve The Crown until her dying breath, she refused to abdicate and carried on with her duties.

“Frankly, Prince Harry and Meghan’s bitter attacks on the family, Harry’s feud with his brother, Prince William, and the rape scandal Prince Andrew denies are sending Her Majesty to the grave too soon. The palace is panicked. They don’t want the public to know how serious the situation is. But the truth is, Her Majesty is fighting for her life,” the source said.

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Queen Elizabeth Struggled To Cope With The Death Of Two Of Her Former Staffers

Months later, National Enquirer also claimed that the queen knew for a fact that she wouldn’t make it until the end of 2022. Even though this is exactly what happened, it’s not true that the queen felt that her days were numbered.

The queen allegedly had a hard time dealing with the deaths of her longtime staffers, Diana Maxwell and Duchess Ann Fortune FitzRoy.

“Insiders say the heartache was amplified by the queen’s failing health, which caused her to cancel her annual holiday trip to Sandringham amid fears she won’t survive the year. Given her frail state, these losses have been harder for her,” the source said.

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Queen Elizabeth’s Bruised Hand Caused Royal Fans To Think She’s Battled Leukemia

And just days before her death, the queen stepped out to meet British Prime Minister Liz Truss in person. The two women were photographed shaking hands.

Eagle-eyed royal fans were quick to notice the bruise on the queen’s hand and assumed that her days were numbered because of it. In fact, there were speculations that the queen battled leukemia and that she’s she had a clot on her right hand.

Days later, the queen indeed passed away. But until today, no one knows her cause of death. Royal fans can expect to hear an official statement regarding the queen’s death, just like what happened weeks after Prince Philip passed away.


In his death certificate, old age was revealed to be the cause of his death.

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