Kate Middleton Shock: Prince William’s Wife Is Pushing Meghan Markle ‘Further’ Into the Background as She Comes Into Her Own, Expert Says

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Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are often pitted against each other. Many were convinced that the latter had done much compared to the former during her short stay in the Palace. However, Middleton seemed to have made huge progress after her recent promotion as the new Princess of Wales. She also proved to many that she has longevity when it comes to staying in the firm, unlike the former Suits star.

Kate Middleton Pushes Meghan Markle Further Into The Background?

Several experts noticed how Middleton's confidence had grown after King Charles promoted her and her husband, Prince William, as the new Prince and Princess of Wales.


Former ITV royal correspondent and author Nicholas Owen weighed in on how Middleton's success will affect her sister-in-law's status, who is now based in California.

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Owen noted that Middleton has new advisors, including a "real toughy" as one of her main assistants.

"Beyond the exterior that we all see, the smiling face, the easy way with crowds, the wonderful way Kate has with children, there is also some steel going on there," Owen said on Sky News AustraliaExpress reported.

"The determination to sort of set herself out a role, rather as you say, but is she seeing off Meghan in the process. Well, if that's a byproduct of what's going on, how jolly convenient, that would be nice wouldn't it, pushing Meghan further and further into the background."

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Kate Middleton Reportedly Rebranding Herself

Aside from boosting her confidence, Prince Harry's sister-in-law is seemingly rebranding herself when she takes on the title of her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.


"What the Princess of Wales is doing is a very clear sign that she is redefining herself now that she has this new role," an insider told The Telegraph.

"The role of heir, or wife of the heir, brings opportunities and also responsibilities as you represent the monarchy not only around the country but also around the world. She has a greater platform now, so she needs the right team to deliver for her."

The source added that Middleton is seen as "warm and gentle." She also has a steady determination and is deeply aware of her potential.

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"She is extremely strategic and methodical, and she takes her work very seriously," the source added.

Also, Middleton has an audience willing to listen to her, unlike her sister-in-law Meghan Markle. In fact, the Princess of Wales is way more popular than the Duchess of Sussex.

"The Princess, then, needs no help in winning a popularity contest with the Duchess, particularly with the exposure the Waleses will have at May's coronation ceremony. If she gets her new campaign right she will hope that she is still making a difference to people's lives long after her son Prince George becomes king."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Kate Middleton.

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