Kate Middleton Shock: Prince William’s Wife Lowers Status to Not Look Like a Royal During Engagement, Uses Distracting Technique Expert Claims

Credit: The Royal Family Channel/Youtube Screenshot

Credit: The Royal Family Channel/Youtube Screenshot

Kate Middleton makes sure that kids will not feel uncomfortable with her. So, she leaves her princess status when she works with children.

Kate Middleton Uses Distracting Technique With Kids, Expert Says

Body language Judi James weighed in on Kate Middleton's gestures when she visited St. John's Church of England Primary and worked with children for this year's Children Mental Health Week with the team Let's Connect.

The expert noted how the royal mom of three created a comfortable environment for the children by using the "distracting technique."

"Kate does everything here to not look like a royal on a visit. Her role is more as a facilitator and motivator, making the children feel comfortable about answering her questions," James told Express.

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"She uses her own body language to draw their thoughts out, making the conversation sound as natural as possible but showing active listening signals to make them feel important."

She also noted how Prince William's wife used some gentle tie-signs and displayed a subtle widening of the eye. She added that Middleton would lean forward to "lower her status while raising theirs", or she would smile to encourage the kids to speak up.

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"She is also using the kind of distracting technique that parents and teachers often know about, helping the children to make paper decorations while questioning them to make the chat feel more natural and to keep them relaxed. Kate does seem to be in her element here, not relishing her own performance, but using her own skills to help the children relax and enjoy sharing their thoughts. She even manages to look totally at home making her own paper chains."

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Kate Middleton Is More Confident Over The Years

James also pointed out how the Princess of Wales' confidence has grown over the years. She noticed how her bouncing rituals, head tilts and dimpled smile register enthusiasm and how contagious it is.

"She looks warm and engaged here, but it is when she is filmed sitting with the children that she really displays her capacity for a very skillful but relaxed approach that allows them to share their thoughts and feelings despite the presence of the cameras," she continued. "Plus she truly appears to be enjoying herself!"

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Body language expert Darren Stanton echoed the same sentiment. He also noticed how the Prince and Princess of Wales' confidence were boosted after their promotion.

"While analyzing pictures of Kate at the food bank, she appeared dominant with her gestures, including pointing as she spoke to people," Stanton said. "Her body language also seemed very open."

"Just like William, Kate also adopted self-reassuring gestures in the past. She used to place her hands on top of the other in front of her, almost like a defensive gesture, but we have not seen that gesture displayed for many months. Kate and William have both clearly embraced and developed into their new roles. They both appear so much more confident with their public persona and engaging with the public."

What can you say about Kate Middleton's approach to lowering her status to make others feel more comfortable around her?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Kate Middleton.

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