Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp Gives Awaiting Fans Season 5 Update

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Noah Schanpp
Credit: Noah Schnapp TikTok
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It's no secret that everyone is waiting for Netflix to release Stranger Things Season 5, especially since it will be the final season of the show. Ever since the release of Season 4 Volume 2 in July last year, fans have been eager to get an update on how things are going. And this is something Netflix has kept mum about.

When Will Stranger Things Season 5 Come Out?

Stranger Things cast hiding behind Eleven
Credit: Netflix

Although we wish for the show to return this year, it's realistically impossible for the filmmaking process to complete in time. But on the flip side, we won't have to wait too long like we did in Season 4 (thanks, Covid!). That's because the show's creators, The Duffer Brothers told Variety that the wait for the fifth season will be shorter:

"Don’t hold us to it, but the gap should be quite a bit shorter this time, due to the fact that we already have an initial outline, and we can’t imagine there will be another six-month forced hiatus."

Another hint we've gotten about the show's release comes from David Harbour (who plays crowd-favorite Chief Jim Hopper). In an interview with GQ magazine, Harbour said that the show could be released in mid-2024.

Of course, these statements are not official and are only estimates by the cast and crew. We'll know more about the show's release in an official Netflix announcement.

What Is Stranger Things Season 5 Filming Status Now?

Noah Schnapp as Will Byers in Stranger Things Season 4
Credit: Netflix

Netflix hasn't given an update on its hit sci-fi show. But for now, we have actors like Noah Schnapp, who plays Will Byers in the show, to thank for giving us an update.

The actor was recently asked by a fan about the filming progress of Season 5 on TikTok Live (via Twitter). Schnapp was asked if filming would interfere with his school schedule.

"Is school going to interfere with shooting, no, it's not. I'm done with school in May and starting to shoot in May."

So that about confirms the speculation of when Stranger Things Season 5 will start shooting.

How Long Does Stranger Things Season 5 Filming Last?

Stranger Things cast Season 4
Credit: Netflix

With that out of the way, it'll probably take the cast five to six months to shoot their scenes. After that, the show will proceed to post-production; which will be taking up most of the time.

With this timeline, it seems like Harbour's guestimate is likely to happen. But again, things could change without any prior announcement. We'll have to wait until Netflix gives an official statement on the Stranger Things Season 5 release date. In the meantime, check out this blooper reel of Stranger Things Season 4:

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