Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle Working Together to Help Prince William, Prince Harry Reconcile? Duchesses Reportedly Keen to Put a United Front

Credit: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube Screenshot

Many are convinced that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's relationship has remained strained. It was reportedly evident during their joint walkabout. However, one report claimed that the two duchesses tried to have a secret meeting to help their husbands, Prince William and Prince Harry work on their relationship.

Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle Reportedly Tried To Help Prince William And Harry End Their Rift

The new Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Sussex are keen to put on a united front in what was a difficult time for their husbands. So, Prince William and Prince Harry's wives reportedly plotted a secret meeting to talk about the issue between them.

"It's still somewhat awkward due to their history of conflict, but the main thing is that they're both pulling together. There's a shared desire to be positive, as opposed to dwelling on negative things from the past," a source told Heat World.

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"At some stage, they know they want to have proper talks about what has gone on between them – to ask each other some hard questions about what they've each supposedly said or done behind the other's back. Only then can they move on. But now is not the time, and this is a sentiment that's shared by William and Harry. Both Harry and Meghan are extremely grateful that they were invited to pay their respects by William that day. From their perspective, it's most certainly a positive step in the right direction."

Several sources claimed that Prince Harry and Prince William's relationship has remained strained. However, they reportedly reunited several times during the 10-day mourning for their late grandmother. The source was also hopeful that the royal siblings' relationship would eventually improve, especially after Prince William reached out to his younger brother during their joint walkabout on Sept. 10.

"The fact that Prince William and Kate invited Harry and Meghan to the walkabout says an awful lot. The Sussexes accepted it, so clearly they wanted to join them," another source said. "The scene many of us wanted to see. A family coming together through grief."

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Kate Middleton Reportedly Determined To Keep The Peace With Meghan Markle And Prince Harry

The outlet noted that Kate Middleton was eager to maintain the peace that many believed the Queen would have wanted for the family. The insider said the Duchess of Cambridge had been warm toward her sister-in-law.

"Kate's been warm and friendly towards Meghan. She invited her to meet for tea and made herself available for any practical support while Meghan was away from her kids. Kate is determined to honour the Queen's wishes for forgiveness and peace," the tipster said.

"It's what the Queen wanted, and Charles is honouring her wishes. But only time will tell if the Sussexes are capable of playing nice long term."

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However, body language experts noticed a different thing during the joint walkabout. According to them, Prince William was more cordial to Markle than his wife.

Body language analyst Dr. Lillian Glass said Markle seemed "genuine and humbled." Meanwhile, Middleton refused to look at Markle or her direction.

"She was being genuine. It was not in her heart to smile at Meghan, so she didn't do it," Glass told Page Six about Middleton. "Meghan, on the other hand, looked like a sad and desperate puppy as she tried to catch Kate's eye gaze repeatedly. But Kate was having none of it."

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Body language expert Judi James echoed the same sentiment. According to her, Middleton "appeared to be less keen to perform for the camera." She pointed out how Middleton walked away from Markle and the car and joined Prince William and Prince Harry before distancing from the trio.

James added that Middleton kept out of the way and even slammed the door of the car before she moved away quickly. On the other hand, Prince William gestured to Markle to join the conversation.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and the rest of the members of the royal family.

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