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Prince George Net Worth: Prince William, Kate Middleton's 9-Year-Old Child Is Worth Billions

Credit: National Post/YouTube Screenshot

Prince George is second in line to the throne after his grandfather King Charles took over the throne. Prince William and Kate Middleton's eldest child is only 9 years old, but he already has an impressive net worth than most kids his age.

Prince George Has An Estimated Net Worth Of 3 Billion

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's eldest child has a huge role to fill in the future. But that also comes with a lot of promising rewards.

At his age, Prince George is valued at $3 billion, Reader's Digest reported. Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis' net worths are calculated by their value to the United Kingdom's economy since they haven't physically received their inheritances yet. Their net worth is determined by their influence to drive billions in sales.

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When Prince William becomes king, Prince George will be the new Prince of Wales and he will inherit the Duchy of Cornwall. The trust was established in 1937. It supports the Prince of Wales and his family's financial needs.

At present, the trust is worth around £1 billion ($1.2 billion). The beneficiary of the Duchy of Cornwall receives around $20 - $30 million through rents and agricultural sales. In 2021, King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla made around $25 million from the estate.

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Prince George's Impact On Public Spending Habits

The Prince and Princess of Wales' children Prince George and Princess Charlotte are effective in increasing a brand's sale. According to Huffington Post, the Cambridge kids have a "major influence on people's spending habits," most especially his sister.

When Princess Charlotte celebrated her second birthday, she increased the sales of the yellow cardigan she wore in her photoshoot 10 times more than usual. The yellow cardigan became the most-searched royal outfit for 12 months.

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However, Prince George outshines his sister in the sales department in 2017. On EBay, nearly 1,500 Prince George-related items were sold on the e-commerce site with one item bought every hour at the time. Meanwhile, only 500 Princess Charlotte-related outfits were sold in the same period.

Even if Prince George has no access to his future inheritances, there is no doubt that he has the power to influence the market in terms of sales. His younger siblings Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have the same potential too.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince George.

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