Doctor Strange Powers Explained

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Doctor Strange Origin  When introduced to the origins of Dr Stephen Strange before his powers, he is one of the world’s top neurosurgeons. Smart, confident and extremely arrogant. However, after a terrible accident, he loses full use of his hands which inhibits him from being able to continue his work in surgery. 

After this trauma, It doesn’t take long for him to go broke as he spends all his resources looking for different treatments, operations or experimental procedures that allows him full dexterity of his hands once more, but nothing works. Through word of mouth, he then hears about the mystical powers of someone called the Ancient One, an ageless being who can cure any ailment. 


After travelling to the Himilayas searching for the ancient one, he comes across them and after first being denied access to learning the mystic arts, the Ancient one finally takes him on as a student allowing Doctor Strange to slowly become the next Sorcerer Supreme.

Doctor Strange’s Powers

Due to his photographic memory and intelligence, he was able to study for his masters and his PhD simultaneously. Through this speed of learning, Dr Strange can master the mystic arts quickly and summon different spells with expertise.

Pulling on different magical entities, he can use his sorcery skills to astral project, teleport and summon objects to him. As well as these, he can manipulate energy to use as force blasts and forcefields for protection.


In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we often see him conjure different shields that act as a forcefield as well as weapons to be able to fight against mystical and physical threats.


Despite not technically being a superpower per se, all sorcerers generally have a relic that allows them to pull on its power and generate other abilities on top of their sorcery skills. In the Doctor Strange 2016 film, we see that the cloak of levitation chooses him as its master which then gives Dr Strange the ability to fly.

dr strange cloak of levitation

Eye of Agamotto

The Eye of Agamotto is one of the more powerful relics created by the great sorcerer Agamotto himself. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we see that the Eye of Agamotto, given to him by The Ancient One, is actually powered by one of the infinity stones - the time stone. It’s through harnessing the power of the time stone that we see Dr Strange perform local time travel to objects (such as making an apple rot) to performing infinite time loops, trapping Dormammu in a “time prison” in which Strange is willing to sacrifice himself time and time again for the good of humanity until Dormammu yields.

dr strange using eye of agamotto in avengers infinity war

We later see in the Avengers: Infinity War film that Dr Strange can use The Eye of Agamotto to see every perceivable outcome of the universe’s future, and then take the appropriate actions to ensure that The Avengers triumph over Thanos. The twist to this is that he cannot allow anyone else to know what needs to be done to ensure the events take place organically. This includes surrendering the time stone to Thanos as well as being able to allow half of the living universe to die for 5 years.


Through a combination of his genius intellect and deep knowledge of the mystic arts, Dr Stephen Strange is an extremely powerful individual who can outsmart and out-power most of his opponents.

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