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Jenna Ortega Explains Why Wednesday and Enid Are Good Together

WARNING: This article may contain MINOR SPOILERS for the ending of Wednesday. If you haven't watched the show, read at your own risk!

Wednesday star Jenna Ortega breaks down the relationship between her titular character’s role with Nevermore Academy roommate Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers). The star explains why Wednesday and Enid are good together, deeming it to be one of her favorite dynamics so far.

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Speaking with Screen Rant, Ortega shares how easier it was to work with co-star Emma Myers on set. Comparing Myers with character role Enid, Ortega describes them as a ‘sweetheart’ and ‘a ray of sunshine’ to work with. Check out her full comment below:

“It’s so easy to be moved by Emma Myers. It is so easy. She’s such a sweetheart, and Enid is such a ray of sunshine. And I think that’s scary to Wednesday, which is why she likes it. It’s very easy to toe the line with her, and I think that dynamic was very natural.”

While we did get to see Wednesday Addams and Enid Sinclair get off on the wrong foot at first glance, the two eventually set aside their differences. Wednesday may have been used to getting her own way without having to go through so much difficulty, Enid’s contrasting personality and outlook challenges the way she should approach a subject, which, of course, helped her become the powerful hero in the end.

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Enid Sinclair and Wednesday Addams
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Credit: Netflix
Enid Sinclair and Wednesday Addams

Ortega continues to say that Wednesday and Enid’s chemistry together on screen has become one of her favorite dynamics to watch: a sunny person getting along with the dark person. We literally saw Wednesday take down the colors off the window on her half of their room in Nevermore Academy.

“Everyone knows that super sunny, happy person and that super dark, depressing person. When they get together, there’s something really relatable and beautiful about it. Those are always my favorite dynamics, and I think it came very naturally.”

Fans of the show have not only gushed about their unlikely friendship, similarly to how Jenna Ortega described them, but some have even went beyond as to 'ship' the potential couple. Check out some of the fan tweets below:

Clearly, we have more to see on how this relationship unravels with a lot more layers to uncover in the second season. How will their return blossom their ongoing friendship, I wonder?

Meanwhile, Wednesday is currently streaming on Netflix.

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