James Gunn Teases The Suicide Squad Trailer Dropping Soon

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People might still be talking about Zack Snyder's Justice League but there's another major DC Extended Universe film that fans are already looking forward to. So when exactly are we getting the official trailer for The Suicide Squad? James Gunn may have hinted at the teaser being dropped pretty soon.

We already got two teasers for The Suicide Squad during DC FanDome back in August 2020. The first one was a roll call that finally revealed the characters who will appear in the film while the second one was a sizzle reel featuring some behind-the-scenes footage.


Unfortunately, none of these teasers can be considered an official trailer so when are we going to see some footage from the movie itself? A fan dared to ask Gunn yet again on Twitter and he retweeted the post with a cryptic emoji. Check it out below.

We're not sure if Gunn is asking the fan to be quiet about the trailer or if he's choosing to stay quiet about its release. Nevertheless, we're expecting to see the official trailer of The Suicide Squad very soon.

There's a good reason why fans are already clamoring for the Suicide Squad trailer. The film is already scheduled to premiere in August but there haven't been any updates about it for some time. Hopefully, we will only need to wait a few more weeks before the teaser is dropped.


The Suicide Squad will be the first DCEU movie to be released after the Snyder Cut's digital debut. The James Gunn film is still scheduled to premiere in selected theaters and on HBO Max on August 6.

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