Justice League: Jared Leto Says Snyder Cut Joker Evolved After Suicide Squad

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If you finally found the time to watch Zack Snyder's Justice League, there's a good chance you were blown away by Joker's scene in the film. But why was the Clown Prince of Crime so different in the Snyder Cut compared to his initial appearance in Suicide Squad? Jared Leto says it's part of the character's "evolution" and a little bit more.

The Snyder Cut features a new Knightmare sequence that opens with Batman being joined by Cyborg, The Flash, Mera, and Deathstroke as they try to infiltrate Evil Superman's base. It is later revealed that Joker is with them as well and he doesn't waste him in getting on Bruce Wayne's nerves.

While the dialogue itself revealed a lot about what has happened to everyone since Superman went bad, fans also noted that there were several changes to Joker. Not surprisingly, Leto told The Late Show with Stephen Colbert that the character had gone through a lot since he appeared in the 2016 David Ayer film.

"I think it's an evolution. [Suicide Squad and Justice League are] some years apart, and certainly different directors," Leto said. He continued that collaborating with someone "brings out a different side or a different joke or a different energy."


"When you work with a different director, you bring out different things, or they bring out different things in you," Leto stated before adding that he loved working with Zack Snyder. "I love his passion. He knows more about this world than almost anybody," he said.

There is little doubt that playing a new Joker was a treat for Leto and it's understandable why he truly enjoyed working on the Snyder Cut. We're just hoping we'll eventually get to see more of the Clown Prince of Crime in a possible Justice League 2.


What did you think of Joker's return in the Snyder Cut? Sound off in the comments below.

Zack Snyder's Justice League is now available on HBO Max as well as several streaming services around the world.

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