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James Gunn Promises To Depart From One Of The Weirdest Traditions in DC

James Gunn Promises To Depart From One Of The Weirdest Traditions in DC
Credit: DC Comics/ James Gunn

Probably one of the weirdest traditions DC has is its Silver Age "gorilla limit," and just over a month after he has been put as the new head of the studio and the one to oversee the comics coming to life, James Gunn promises to depart from this and give these characters their days on screen.

It has been a common trend in DC since its inception is the "gorilla limit," and with James Gunn now heading DC Studios as the one to bring the multimedia adaptations of the comics on screen, Gunn took it to Twitter to make a promise to depart from this weird tradition.

In his tweet, Gunn addressed, "As co-Chairman and CEO of DC Studios, I vow to the public at large and you the fans, that I will break off the shackles of our limited imaginations, and will abide by no gorilla limits whatsoever!"

Following his vow to have no gorilla limits, Gunn shared some gorillas from the DC comics, Monsieur Mallah, Gorilla Grodd, Ultra-Humanite, and Congo Bill, with his promise on the caption, "They all deserve to live."

DC comics have a lot of gorillas in existence but are only features in a few instances like Solovar and Gorilla Grodd in The CW's The Flash, and Ultra-Humanite in Stargirl, both of which are under The CW, not in the DCU.

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Even before he became the head of DC Studios, James Gunn has already started his campaign to let the gorillas live with his very own live-action adaptation of Charlie the Gorilla in Peacemaker. Charlie the Gorilla is from the Star Spangled War Stories #126.

The gorillas in DC comics could be traced back to 1951 where the cover of Strange Adventures #8 featured a gorilla with a note on how he was a victim of a horrible scientific experiment, which later boosted the sales of the comics. By the 60s, gorilla-related covers became prominent at the same time as the height of Planet of the Apes.

There might not be gorillas yet for the upcoming DC films but it is safe to say that the gorillas are about to make it big in the DCU now that James Gunn is heading the franchise.

Which gorilla would you like to arrive in the DCU soon?

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