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Black Adam Faces Major Loss at the Box Office

Black Adam is now at the end of its theatrical run. Prior to its release, there were expectations that it's going to be a certified box office hit since it stars one of the biggest movie stars in the world, Dwayne Johnson, and it is a comic book movie which is always a guaranteed hit even if it centers on a character that is not well-known to the general audience.

However, unfortunately, it looks like Black Adam is now officially a box office disappointment as a new report from Variety has revealed that the film is losing $50 to 100 million in its theatrical run since it only generated $387 million at its box office gross after its seven-week theatrical run.

With a production spend of $195 million and an estimated marketing spend of $80 to 100 million as well as its share with the movie theaters on the profits, the film needed to gross around $600 million worldwide in order to break even and turn a true profit to the studio.

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However, the report did note that its ancillary revenue streams such as the VOD and home video releases may help the film turn a profit and contribute to its overall gross although it's still not the type of financial winner that Warner Bros. and DC are hoping for.

While the box office results are disappointing, the film is still nowhere near being called a flop since it surpassed the production and marketing budget. However, it does pose a question of whether this will convince the studio to greenlight a sequel to the film or affect their plans for the future of the character in the DCU.

All we know for now is that James Gunn and Peter Safran are still laying out their plans for the future of the DCU which is likely to include Johnson's Black Adam. Let's just wait and see how its box office performance will affect the character's momentum in the DCU, especially on the theatrical side.

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Black Adam is currently available to watch on VOD platforms.

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