Smallville Actor Pitches Himself to Play Green Arrow in the New DCU

James Gunn’s recent response on how he’s approaching things inside his new DCU has ignited interest among aspirants who want to bag a role in one of the world’s biggest superhero franchises. Smallville was one of the first live-action superhero series to receive awards ranging from Emmys to Teen Choice Awards in the early 2000s. Now, one of its stars has expressed enthusiasm to return, but through a different character.

Smallville follows the teenage years of Superman as Clark Kent (Tom Welling) before he becomes the Man of Steel. Throughout its 10-season run, Smallville has introduced other DC comic book superheroes and villains, one of whom was Kyle Gallner, who played Bart Allen or an alternate version of The Flash. With DC's new management, Gallner pitched himself to wear the suit of the Green Arrow, played by Justin Hartley in the show and most recently by Stephen Amell in the Arrowverse.

Backed up with pictures and a video, the actor wrote, “Green arrow? I shoot, can grow the stache, I cook chili often, I wear a lot of green in my personal life and I’m easy to work with…a little extra prep time in the gym and some blonde hair dye…. Let’s get nuts, @JamesGunn #greenarrow #DCU”

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Gallner’s enthusiasm drew positive reactions from his friends in the industry, who pumped him up, saying: “James, we're best of friends... okay, we're pretty good... we hung out a few times & have been social media pals since myspace... I was in JGAS! So trust me! Kyle is great. He's destined for superstardom.” Thomas Cunningham wrote.

Given that DC’s future is still unknown under its new co-CEOs, Gallner has to keep his fingers crossed that his pitch and online audition video will reach the right people. After all, Green Arrow has been one of the few iconic absences in the past plan for DC’s Extended Universe, along with Green Lantern. But fans can hope that’s about to change in the new DCU.

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In the upcoming final and ninth season of The Flash, Deadline reports that Amell will make his final appearance as Oliver Queen in episode 909. So, Gallner might have to wait a while if he ever has the chance to don the green costume on the big screen.

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Gunn and Peter Safran are expected to announce DC’s new slate any day this January.

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