HBO Max Cancels Two of Their Popular DC Shows

With all the changes that are happening in the DC franchise and the cancellation spree on HBO Max as a result of the new management under Warner Bros. Discovery, there have been questions about the status of the remaining DC shows that are still airing and whether they will still continue for more seasons.

Unfortunately, in the case of Doom Patrol and Titans, it is officially the end of the road for them as The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that both shows have been canceled and their current fourth seasons will be their last.

Fortunately for its loyal viewers, the shows will not end on a cliffhanger despite the cancellation since their respective seasons were plotted with proper endings so fans can still look forward to closure.

"While these will be the final seasons of Titans and Doom Patrol, we are very proud of these series and excited for fans to see their climactic endings. We are grateful to Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television for making such thrilling, action-packed, heartfelt series," an HBO Max spokesperson said.

"We thank Titans showrunner Greg Walker, executive producers Greg Berlanti, Akiva Goldsman, Sarah Schechter, Geoff Johns, Richard Hatem, and the team at Weed Road Pictures. For Doom Patrol, we celebrate showrunner Jeremy Carver and executive producers Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Geoff Johns, Chris Dingess and Tamara Becher-Wilkinson."

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"For four seasons, fans have fallen in love with the Titans and Doom Patrol, investing in their trials and tribulations, and in their legendary battles saving the world time and time again."

Both shows started as original shows for the DC Universe streaming service before they were moved to HBO Max where they spent their remaining run and were able to garner more audience since they are on a more well-known platform.

Given the changes that are happening in the DC Universe and the formation of the DC Studios which is set to produce a lot of TV shows, it's not surprising that both shows will be ending their run. However, DC Studios co-chairman James Gunn clarified that the decision was already settled before their hiring.

"The decision to end the series precedes us. But I certainly wish the best for the talented group of creators, actors, and the rest of the crew that produced both shows," he said in a tweet.

Now, fans can just look forward to seeing how their respective final seasons will conclude their run in the remaining episodes that are still set to air.

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