DC Fans Urge James Gunn to Not Consider These Actors As Younger Superman

Since Henry Cavill announced that he will not reprise his role as Superman as part of the DC Universe shake-up, fans have spent some time wondering who would be a good fit to take his place. With James Gunn's DC slate remaining a mystery and the casting of the Man of Steel far from completion, some casting rumors make sense, while others are just plain horrible. Despite fans suggesting their favorites, they are also careful to let Gunn know which actors they don’t ever want to see donning the iconic red cape.

In a discussion on Reddit, DCU fans named the actors who should never be considered to play the famous Kryptonian. Tagged "the most disastrous choice to play Superman," the thread features hilarious options that they believe will tank any release and must never, ever be given the chance. Here are the names that DC fanatics are ready to riot over if Gunn ever casts them as Superman, which I have ultimate faith that he won't.

Harry Styles. He is currently associated with Marvel, but given that he has previously jumped ship from one superhero franchise to another, some fans will be disappointed to see him in the red cape if he is cast as the younger Clark Kent. Despite being one of the most famous young artists of today, most are convinced that he does not have what it takes to be Superman; nailing the American accent is one example.

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Jared Leto. He first appeared in The Suicide Squad with his portrayal receiving mixed reviews, Leto hasn’t really been on the list of fan-favorites for any of his comic book adaptations. In 2022, he portrayed the Marvel Comics character Morbius in a stand-alone release, but unfortunately, his performance and the film was critically panned and became the subject of several internet memes and gags.

Given Leto’s unpromising portrayals, landing the role of Clark Kent is just another thing to be left off the table. Despite the possibility that he might get redemption while he plays Superman, fans don’t want to risk it. However, if he ever horribly lands the role, a darker and frailer version of the beloved hero would be a preferable take for the actor.

Other unserious choices include James Corden, Pete Davidson, Michael Cera, and Danny DeVito, among others. On a more serious note, fans are confident that Gunn is wise enough to avoid these actors, but in the midst of the excitement and anxiety for the next Man of Steel, some can't help but wonder if the role was ever miscast, and if it was, reading these names would have the same effect.

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