IU Diet: How The Blueming Hitmaker Lost 10lbs. Per Week Explained

Credit: 1THEK/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: 1THEK/YouTube Screenshot

IU has been gaining more attention after appearing in several TV shows. Although she first rose to fame as the nation’s little sister whose voice captivates its listeners, her beauty has also been put under the spotlight, causing people to question whether she ever underwent plastic surgery.

But little did people know, her diet plan played a huge role in enhancing her facial features and improving the visuals she already has. With that, IU’s fans have also been searching online what’s her secret to having the perfect idol body every girl wants to have, and she has spoken about it numerous times.

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IU’s Diet Plan: How Does It Work?

IU initially got people’s attention because of her appearance for a different reason.

During her interview in SBS’s Strong Heart, IU spoke up about her first stage where someone in the crowd started calling her pig while performing. Later, other people began yelling at her, as well. The beauty standard all K-pop idols established was far from what she looked like during her pre-debut days, and it caused her to suffer from condemnation she did not deserve.

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After a while, she reportedly lost 10 kgs. but not because she went on a diet, but because of her busy and hectic schedule. But after a few more performances, she started to go on an extreme diet, known as the Myproana diet. It is a diet solution plan which only allows people to consume certain types of foods until they reach their goal weight.

For her diet meal, she eats an apple for breakfast, one or two sweet potatoes for lunch, and a protein drink for dinner. IU maintained that meal plan while doing her activities.

With that, she only consumes 300 Kcal per day, helping her lose weight up to 4 kgs. in just four days. Once she reaches her standard weight, she can normally eat again.

Dark Side of IU’s Diet

While IU’s diet has been proven true, fans expressed their concerns when the Blueming singer appeared thinner in public for the first time. At that time, she publicly spoke about her eating disorder that contributed to her extreme weight loss.

In 2014, she opened up on Healing Camp, Aren’t You Happy about her eating disorder. According to IU, she became bulimic after feeling anxious and hating herself. The pressure due to the thoughts that she might lose her career also contributed to her struggles.

She ended up binge eating before throwing it all up.

Fortunately, IU sought medical advice and started taking care of her mental health while also considering her physical health. After all the struggles she had, she now has healthier eating rules and quality meals every day.

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