Eric Nam Scores Global Fame With New EP

Credit: ERIC NAM/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: ERIC NAM/YouTube Screenshot

Eric Nam remains one of the most sought-after soloists that he immediately found success in his new EP, There and Back Again.

Like many other artists in South Korea and abroad, Eric Nam had to endure the aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic as the health crisis halted all concerts and music shows. For instance, his first official world tour’s Latin American leg in 2021 got postponed due to the dreaded health issue.

But after over a year, he announced he would try braving the pandemic again and released his second English album ahead of his world tour of the same name. Even before he started, the singer had already made a difference by conquering the international music scene.

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Eric Nam’s There and Back Again is Making Buzzes

On Friday, Eric Nam released his highly-anticipated English-language album There and Back Again alongside the official music video for its lead single Lost On Me. He also dropped the lyric video for One Way Lover.

The soloist worked on all those projects alone for the first time as an independent artist.

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Although he chose not to renew his contract with CJ ENM, he proved that he could do everything alone that the album immediately conquered several charts. There and Back Again immediately scored No. 9 on the worldwide iTunes album chart and No. 36 on the European iTunes song chart.

It did not stop there as it also scored a spot on US iTunes’ Top 10.

Spotify also revealed on Tuesday (per Korea JoongAng Daily) that the album landed in 10th place on the music streaming platform’s Global Top Albums Debut chart. The list is exclusively made for debut albums that received the most number of streams within seven days of their releases.

What Helped Eric Nam Create the Album?

In the report shared by Bandwagon Asia, Eric Nam mentioned how There and Back Again is currently the most mature album he has ever created so far. Per the singer, it’s a “step up” to see himself try new things.

He also took a risk when he tried promoting after leaving his label for good. Previously, his agency did all the little details and accounting issues related to the albums, lightsticks, and other merchandise.

“When it comes to writing, I’m always trying to beat the other songs, and write a better song, and that has never changed. I think what is different is that it’s a lot more work for me [but] it’s as equally liberating and freeing,” he went on.

Following the album’s success, Eric Nam will start his world tour this month, and he will perform again in 46 cities in the next few months.

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