Kim Nam Gil Returns to Small Screen With SBS New Crime Series, Through the Darkness

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Kim Nam Gil will have busy months this year as he is set to release his new flicks soon.

Among the South Korean actors, Kim Nam Gil is one of those who rose to fame due to their versatility. In fact, Forbes placed him 17th in the Top 40 Most Powerful Stars in South Korea in 2020.

He had his breakthrough roles in Pandora, The Pirates, The Fiery Priest, Memoir of a Murderer, and the famous period drama, Queen Seondeok. The multi-skilled actor expanded his career even more by appearing in more films and series in the past years.


This 2022, Kim Nam Gil already has a line-up of movies and series, and he will mark his first screen appearance this year with SBS' Through the Darkness.

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Kim Nam Gil Will Solve Cases in Through the Darkness

Ahead of the new SBS crime series release, Kim Nam Gil appeared in an online press conference for the series on Tuesday, where he revealed more details about his role. According to the actor, his role as Korea's first profiler Song Ha Young allowed him to see what it is like to be in that profession.


"I've been playing characters that are similar to me. And as I often took part in comedies and action genre flicks, I've actually been longing for roles that require a more delicate portrayal," he said, as quoted by The Korea Times.

Through the Darkness is based on the nonfiction novel written by former profiler Kwon Il-Yong and former journalist Ko Na Mu. With Kwon Il-Yong's help, the actor reportedly learned about his character in the process.

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Kim Nam Gil said that the real-life profiler visited the set numerous times and explained to the team what he went through while working on the cases himself. The actors also took their time to ask him several questions about those events to understand their roles even more. He applauded Kwon Il-Yong's desire to help them as it is hard for profilers to recall those horrifying memories again.

With that, Kim Nam Gil promised that the series would give viewers a chance to reflect on the questions surrounding crimes.

More Details About New Crime Series

Aside from Kim Nam Gil, his co-stars and the people working behind the camera also did well in completing the series.


Director Park Bo Ram, a newcomer, directed the series while writer Seol Yi Na worked on its script. Meanwhile, Park Young Soo served as the executive producer, and he recently noted that the series aims to highlight how profiling is considered as one of the crucial steps in every criminal investigation process.

"When I came across the book three years ago, I was drawn to the effort the law enforcement officials put in to try and stop heinous crimes. I wanted to portray in the series how behavioral analysis became an investigation technique and how it's used," he went on.

Kim Nam Gil appears in the series with actor Jin Seon Kyu, who plays the role of the leader of the Criminal Behavior Analysis team, Gook Young Soo.

Through the Darkness will premiere on Friday, January 14.

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