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Spider-Man is a character owned and created by Marvel. It is not related to DC. He was created by the marvel comic book writer Stan Lee back in 1962. According to Stan, due to the huge success of his other comic book creations such as The Fantastic Four and X-Men, his publisher was desperate for him to create a new hero that could ride off of their success.

Firstly he had to focus on the power that he would give this new hero, and so while sitting at his desk, he saw a fly crawling up one of the walls in his office. Daydreaming about how cool it would be to walk up walls, he decided that the power of wall-crawling would be the basis for this new superhero.

Stan Lee talking to spider-man in spider-man 3
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At first, Stan came across a lot of resistance when it came to releasing Spider-Man into The Marvel Universe. His publisher didn't like the idea because he was breaking all the rules of what it meant to be a superhero.

"No one likes Spiders, there are no teenage superheroes, only teenage sidekicks, and this kid has personal problems - superheroes don't have personal problems!"

Despite the resistance to the new character, Stan was able to publish Spider-Man's character in Amazing Fantasy #15. After his publisher saw the sales figures from that character Stan's publisher famously ran into his office and said;

"Stan Stan, remember that character we both loved…."

Needless to say, the rest is history and The Amazing Spider-Man #1 was released by Marvel Comics in March 1963 in which we saw Spider-Man try to join The Fantastic Four.

Is Spider-Man a Member of The Fantastic Four?

The Amazing Spider-Man issue #1 with the fantastic four
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In The Amazing Spider-Man #1, we see Spider-Man break into The Baxter Building in order to join The Fantastic Four as an attempt to clean up his public image and make a living. After demonstrating what he can do by fighting each of them he decides not to join when he realizes that they don't pay their members and are actually a non-profit organization.

He leaves just before they can help him. However, Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four do team up multiple times within The Marvel Universe.

Since the exciting news that Disney purchased 20th Century Fox, this means that Disney can integrate The Fantastic Four into The Marvel Cinematic Universe! Could this mean a potential live-action team-up between Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four in the future? Let's hope so!

Is Spider-Man an Avenger?

Peter Parker and Tony stark talking about The Avengers
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Within The Marvel Cinematic Universe, we jokingly see Tony Stark knighting Peter on the spaceship to Titan in Avengers Infinity War. We also see a keen Peter Parker in Civil War and most of Spider-Man: Homecoming wanting to be an avenger. However, in the comics, the storyline is quite different.

In Amazing Spider-Man Annual #3, Thor officially invites Spider-Man to join The Avengers. After some thought, Spider-Man agrees that this could be the best use of his powers. However, before joining, Spider-man has to pass a test - to find and capture The Hulk!

Upon this Mission, Spider-Man finds The Hulk, but when watching him transform back to Bruce Banner, he learns that Bruce has spent his life running from people who have been trying to find him and capture him. As neither Bruce Banner nor Spider-Man know why The Avengers wants him, Spider-Man decides to leave him be and lies to The Avengers about ever having found him. It's only once Spider-Man swings away, that we find out that The Avengers only want to find The Hulk so they can cure Banner of his radiated temper tantrums.

Seems like Spidey just can't catch a break when it comes to joining a team at Marvel!

Is Spider-Man a Mutant?

Spider-man fighting with the mutant x-men
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Mutants in The Marvel Universe are synonymous with the X-Men. However, despite fighting alongside the X-Men and even being an honourary member within the Wolverine and The X-men comic book series, Spider-Man is not technically a mutant. Mutants within The Marvel Universe are classed as individuals who possess something called the X-gene that when triggered during puberty, can cause humans to gain different gifts and powers. Spider-Man however does not possess the X-gene but instead gained his powers by being bitten by a radioactive spider.

The Amalgam Universe - Is Spider-Man in The DC Universe?

The amalgam universe marvel and dc crossover
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Spider-Man is absolutely from Marvel and not DC. However, new fans have a right to be confused.

In 1996, DC Comics and Marvel comics came together to create a publishing imprint, Amalgam comics. It was here that they merged some of their most loved characters into one. We saw Superman and Captain America merge to become Supersoldier, Wonder Woman and Storm from the Xmen became "Amazon". As for our favorite webhead?

Researcher Peter Parker created a genetic clone of himself who ended up with the powers to warp gravity, and so after an explosion in Cadmus Labs where he was created, he was adopted by General Thunderbolt Ross (Uncle Gen) and became Peter Ross AKA Spider-Boy!

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