Is TXT Taehyun In A Relationship? The Truth Revealed



K-pop idols hardly ever discuss details of their personal lives with the public. TXT Taehyun and his co-members are no exception as they seemingly focus on their career.

Even so, there remains an apparent curiosity about their lives behind the cameras. This is especially true in matters relating to dating and romances.

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Is TXT Taehyun Dating Anyone?

Dating Celebs says Taehyun is currently single. He is not in a relationship, adding, however, that there is little information about his dating life.

The outlet claims, nevertheless, that the 20-year-old K-pop idol has had at least a few relationships. Although, no other details are given regarding the matter.

Meanwhile, netizens on Quora believed that the TXT member is “not interested” in things romance- or dating-related. As argued, he appears to be “more focused” on his dream of being an idol.

Another commenter on the platform also agreed and stated that Taehyun and the rest of the group do not seem to have the time to date.

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About Idol's Celebrity Crush

Despite the lack of information about the TXT members’ dating lives, the idols previously shed light on their admiration for certain personalities. Each of the Good Boy Gone Bad singers named their celebrity crushes earlier this year, according to Koreaboo.

The publication noted that the exchange occurred during an interview with Seventeen for its “Then Vs. Now” segment. Soobin and Beomgyu were the first ones to reveal theirs, naming Bebe Rexha and Post Malone, respectively.

As for Taehyun, he shared that his celebrity crush is The Weeknd. He explained that he not only likes the artist for his music but also for how he puts together his performances.

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Taehyun On His Ideal Type

The K-pop idol also once talked about his ideal type. During a virtual engagement with fans on Weverse in 2021, he responded to the questions relating to the matter.

A separate report from Koreaboo said that Taehyun did not have a specific idea in mind about his ideal type. It consequently quoted him, saying, “I don’t think people actually set their ‘ideal types’ in stone though, do they?”

Even so, the TXT member reportedly tried to explain that he is all about the connection with the person rather than physical appearances.

Watch this space for more TXT Taehyun news.

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