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Is There a Solo Leveling Light Novel and Is It Complete, Finished, or Ongoing?

Credit: D&C Media

Solo Leveling, also known as Only I Level Up is one of the most popular ongoing fantasy works in Korea, with many fans following the second "Season" of the webtoon for weekly updates and hoping for an animated adaptation in the near future. The series has been around for a few years now, and fans of the webtoon might be wondering if more Solo Leveling content is available. So, is Solo Leveling based on a light novel or other material, and is it complete or ongoing?

Is There a Solo Leveling Light Novel and Is It Complete, Finished, or Ongoing
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Credit: D&C Media

Solo Leveling is the story of Jin-Woo, a young hunter living in the modern world, which is, however, plagued by portals known as gates, which allow all sorts of monsters to roam the earth. Our main character is often mockingly called the world's weakest hunter, barely stronger than an ordinary human.

Despite his poor constitution and many failures, Jin-Woo keeps fighting in order to provide for his family, until he nearly gets killed. His near-death experience proves to be a major turning point; Jin-Woo recovers as a reawakened "player" with access to stats, inventories, and other RPG-like features that allow him to level up indefinitely, and become the Monarch of Shadows, giving humanity a fighting chance.

Solo Leveling was first released in 2016, as a web novel by the Korean artist Chugong. As is often the case with Japanese light novels, a web novel is a form of literature meant mostly or solely for the internet. Of course, a work as popular as Solo Leveling wouldn't stop there.

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The now completed web novel of Solo Leveling was initially serialized on Kakao Page before being taken up by D&C Media. Since 2018, the novel has been translated into English with the title Only I Level Up, while print copies are available through Yen Press.

These are exciting times for Solo Leveling fans, as the second part of the webtoon is currently ongoing, while a video game adaptation is in the making!

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