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Solo Leveling Anime Confirmed and OST Updates

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Will There Be A Solo Leveling Anime
Credit: D&C Media

When the Solo Leveling manhua concluded with its 179th chapter, long-time fans were reasonably emotional about it. So, will there be a Solo Leveling anime to follow up on this success?

While fantasy works with overpowered main characters are not uncommon, Solo Leveling was quite special for many readers, ever since the web novel first came out.

Many fans in Korea and elsewhere have followed the adventures of the Shadow Monarch for months or years, and would now like more content in any form.

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Will There Be A Solo Leveling Anime?

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Credit: D&C Media

After a lot of rumors, theories, and predictions, the Solo Leveling anime has finally been announced, and it will be produced by Studio A-1 Pictures.

The first trailer has dropped, and while, for the time being, it mostly shows parts of the webtoon rather than animated footage, it feels very exciting - all the more so since we know that we can expect the show in 2023!

The idea of a Solo Leveling anime had been around for quite some time before the manhua was even close to its conclusion. Now it looks like Solo Leveling is finally going to be animated.

According to the anime resource Anime Senpai, a domain titled was registered earlier in 2022 by a Japan-based company, GMO Internet - which also manages the Sword Art Online website. This had already felt like a promise that a Japanese anime adaptation might be coming soon.

The website is not up and working as of July 2022, but it definitely reignited the hype.

Solo Leveling Anime OST Update

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Credit: D&C Media

While the Solo Leveling anime took its time, another type of adaptation teased the anime as early as December 2021.

D&C Media, who had been releasing the popular webtoon, announced a Solo Leveling OST by the K-Pop boy band The Boyz. You can listen to it on Spotify!

While South Korea produces animated movies or shows, there aren’t as many or as popular as Japanese anime.

It's therefore not a surprise that Solo Leveling was taken up by a big-name Japanese Studio.

For some, this might be a bit difficult to conceive, as Japanese Hunters in Solo Leveling don’t get the best of depiction, but it isn’t entirely unthinkable , and problematic aspects could be adapted out or get less focus. It isn't the first time an anime show uses non-Japanese works as source material, after all.

Will this mean that the Korean OST will make it into the forthcoming anime? Possibly, as it's rare but not unheard of for an anime to have non-Japanese songs.

We'll update this space with more information about the Solo Leveling anime as we expect major news soon!


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