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Is There a Max Level in Solo Leveling?

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Also known as Na Honjaman Rebereop or I Alone Level Up, Solo Leveling is a South Korean web novel. It was written by Chugong and was serialized in KakaoPage, Kakao’s digital fiction, and comic platform. Webnovel got the license in English, and it was released under Only I Level Up.

The story centers on Sung Jin-woo, who is a member of the lowest rank of hunters and considered as the weakest hunter in South Korea. In one of his missions, he “dies” but was able to complete trials in a dungeon. He then wakes up and discovered that he became an awakened player who can see stores, inventory, stats, quests, and levels. Speaking of levels, is there a max level in Solo Leveling?


Is There a Max Level in Solo Leveling?

Is There a Max Level in Solo Leveling?
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The highest rank is the S-Rank Hunters. They are distinguished based on their high mana levels that can no longer be measured by the mana meter technology. They are also considered rare as hunters never usually reach that level. With this, they are valued highly and usually get a high amount of money.

Since their mana levels cannot be measured, S-Rank hunters are ranked based on their achievements. The Federal Bureau of Hunters, a governmental organization that oversees the gates, hunters, and guilds in America, created a point system to measure the achievement of S-Rank Hunters.

There are seven levels in Solo Leveling. Class Ranks is the international S-E ranking system for hunters with magical abilities that can radiate mana from their bodies. The ranks have been implemented for 8 to 9 years.

Each rank has a corresponding letter in the alphabet. The lowest rank is E and the highest is S. The ranks determine the income, reputation, and guilds of the hunters. It is also not easy to increase levels as there is a wide gap in power. For instance, those who are B-ranks cannot just overpower those from the C-ranks.

In addition, higher ranks are lesser than the lower ranks. This means that E-ranks are usually considered disposable, and they get low pay.

Ever wondered who are the monarchs in Solo Leveling? We have the answer to that. Read this article to find out.

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