Is Stranger Things' Vecna Actor Jamie Campbell Bower Joining the DCU?

Jamie Campbell Bower as Vecna in Stranger Things Season 4
Credit: Netflix

Jamie Campbell Bower as Vecna in Stranger Things Season 4
Credit: Netflix

Ever since his portrayal of Vecna in Stranger Things Season 4, Jamie Campbell Bower has become a fan favorite. Even though Bower played the role of a villain, his fans loved his acting and are looking forward to the actor's future projects. And apparently, the actor has his eye out for another villain role in the DC Universe (DCU).

Who Does Jamie Campbell Bower Want to Play in the DCU?

Jamie Campbell Bower
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According to CBR, Bower expressed his interest in playing the role of Scarecrow, aka Jonathan Crane, who is known as a major enemy of Batman.

The actor was asked by Geek House Show at Comfest 2023 if there was a character he wants to play from the DCU. Bower answered:

“There has been a lot of chatter about Scarecrow recently. That would be cool. To do that, that would be fun. Very spooky, that would be great!”

Who Is Scarecrow?

Scarecrow is a major character in the DCU and is regarded as a supervillain. He is one of Batman's greatest enemies, who makes his victims hallucinate their worst fears when they inhale his Fear Toxin. When he's not being a supervillain, he's working as a psychologist called Dr. Jonathan Crane.

In previous DC live-action adaptations, the character was played by Cillian Murphy in Batman Begins. And according to reports, Scarecrow will be included in Matt Reeves' Batman. There are also reports that they will be making a solo project for the character.

Is Jamie Campbell Bower Returning in Stranger Things Season 5?

Jamie Campbell Bower as Henry Creel/One/Vecna in Stranger Things Season 4
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Credit: Netflix

It's likely that Bower is returning to Stranger Things Season 5 since his character, Vecna, was able to survive in the finale. Bower played two villainous characters in the show-- one being the mortal Henry Creel, who has psionic abilities and seeks the help of Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) to escape. But as Eleven protects herself, she sends One (Creel) to the Upside Down, where he gets disfigured in this dimension. This transforms him into Vecna, who was able to grow his powers in his prison.

If Bower lands the role of Scarecrow, it wouldn't be his first time to be heavily covered by prosthetics since his Vecna character turned him unrecognizable. Despite all the prosthetics though, Bower managed to wow fans as both characters. He even managed to make Brown cry upon seeing him.

Bower told The Hollywood Reporter:

“She was terrified and freaked out. And Caleb [Heymann], our DP, was very smart and saw that she was having this reaction in the beginning of rehearsal and decided to shoot her first. It’s so pure and beautiful."

Is Scarecrow Confirmed to Join Upcoming DCU Projects?

James Gunn
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Although Bower expressed his interest in playing the role, there's still no confirmation on whether the supervillain will be included in James Gunn's The Brave and the Bold. But the character has been confirmed to be included in Reeves' Elseworlds.

Unfortunately, it'll be a while before Elseworlds comes out since Reeves is currently busy on The Batman: Part II and The Penguin series. If they're ready to cast the role, at least they know they've got someone interested and suitable for it already.

While we wait, check out this clip of Bower's Vecna transformation:

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