The 15 Best School Idol Anime to End the Day With a Smile

The 15 Best School Idol Anime to End the Day With a Smile
Credit: Sunrise

The 15 Best School Idol Anime to End the Day With a Smile
Credit: Sunrise

The idol anime genre is packed with talented school idols. They are living the dream of wearing trendy outfits and singing and dancing to lively songs. So, if you’re looking for the best school idol anime to end the day with a smile, we’ve got you covered with our list!

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  1. Kiratto Pri☆chan

    The Prichan System is similar to today’s YouTube. It broadcasts content of all kinds, and it is used by a lot of famous people and big companies to make their names and brands known.

    Thankfully, two aspiring idols named Mirai Momoyama and Emo Moegi know the benefits of using this particular system.

    Despite banning the use of the Prichan system in their school, Mirai and Emo pursue their dream to become idols by starting their own channel and uploading entertaining content for the world to see!

  2. Koi-ken!: Watashitachi Anime ni Nacchatta!

    This anime may be short, but it packs a lot of punch for an ecchi anime.

    Because there are only 12 episodes, each lasting 4 minutes, expect to see the anime trope of cute girls doing cute things.

    Despite this, Koi-ken is an interesting watch due to its characters, who are constantly learning about becoming idols.

    They explore the good and bad sides of the idol industry and also value the spirit of friendship!

    Koi-ken follows the Koi-Ken Love Research Club members as they form an idol unit with the already-established Nagisa Toyama.

    Little do the members realize that becoming idols is not simple, and they will face many challenges along the way!

  3. Kirarin Revolution

    Will you do anything for love, even if it means becoming an idol?

    In Kirarin Revolution, Tsukishima Kirari was once uninterested in the fancy world of idols, and all she could ever think about was eating delicious food.

    This changes one day when Kirari encounters the mild-mannered and soft-spoken idol, Hiwatari Seiji of SHIPS.

    Since then, Kirarin has vowed to get closer to Seiji by pursuing her own idol career.

    Thankfully, Kirarin’s parents are supportive of her, not to mention Seiji, who is rooting for her.

    Kirarin Revolution is 153 episodes long, so you have to plan your watching schedule to finish this cute idol anime!

  4. I-Chu

    Samurai idols, femboy idols, artistic idols—name it! I-Chu has it all, and there are so many more idols for your eyes to feast on.

    In I-Chu, aspiring idols enroll in the prestigious Etoile Vio School, where they are trained to perfection.

    They are assigned to sell 3,000 CDs in a span of three months, and the idols also have to compete in the selection stage to partake in the annual Sound Carnival.

    Seiya Aido aims to be a successful samurai idol, and the only way he could ever accomplish this is to tag along and perform with his fellow Fire Fenyx members!

  5. Starmyu

    Starmyu is an easy-to-follow school idol anime that is overflowing with male idol testosterone!

    It has a straightforward plot and no needless, excessive drama to play with the audience's emotions.

    It's full of lighthearted moments, making it ideal for a weeknight binge-watch!

    Starmyu introduces Yuuta Hoshitani, who enrolls in the prestigious Ayanagi Academy in search of the young man who encouraged him to pursue a career in music.

    What Yuuta didn't realize was that in order to be admitted to the musical department at Ayanagi Academy, trainees must first obtain the approval of the Kao Council.

    As a result, Yuuta wishes to join the Star Team, where he will be mentored by a member of the Kao Council.

    The only problem is that Yuuta lacks exceptional talent; therefore, he must work twice as hard to keep up with the other applicants!

  6. Uta no Prince Sama

    Uta no Prince Sama, or UtaPri, is not only an idol anime but also a reverse harem that is based on a visual novel.

    Since it is a reverse harem, expect to see a lot of gorgeous and talented young boys who have their focus and attention on only one girl.

    This anime revolves around Haruka Nanami, a young girl who gets accepted into an extravagant school of the performing arts.

    She longs to write music for her beloved idol, Hayato Ichinose, and she will not stop at anything to accomplish her dream!

    In Saotome Academy, Nanami also discovers that every student and instructor in the academy are geniuses when it comes to their interests.

    Also, the competition is fierce, and every student is eyeing their position in the Shining Agency, which will recruit talented candidates after graduation.

  7. Idoly Pride

    Idoly Pride is a school idol anime that tells the story of idols that start from the bottom and work their way up.

    It's light and entertaining, but somewhere in the middle, a dark twist surprises the audience.

    It follows Nagase Kotono, an aspiring idol who seeks to advance in the idol-ranking VENUS program.

    She moves in with her best friend in a dorm full of other aspiring idols and quickly finds that the road to her dreams will require more than blood, sweat, and tears!

    Will Nagase be able to keep up with her older sister, Nagase Mana, who holds the number one spot in the VENUS program?

  8. Locodol

    Locodol is a slice-of-life idol anime that is so soothing and comforting to watch. It is lighthearted, and the characters are very likable.

    It's also the type of anime that can produce feel-good episodes that are also tourist-friendly.

    This idol anime follows Nanako, a high school girl who becomes an idol after being encouraged by her uncle.

    Together with her upperclassman Yukari, the two of them become local idols, participating in a variety of activities that promote their town to people from all walks of life.

  9. Idol Memories

    Unlike other idol anime on the list, Idol Memories allows the audience to watch the idols perform through virtual reality technology.

    This school idol anime is set in the year 2035, and the Kanon Private Academy aims to produce and train new idols on an island called Beginning.

    However, it is not easy to be an idol, as the trainees need to compete with each other in order to reach the top of the World Idol League.

  10. Garugaku: Sei Girls Square Gakuin

    Garugaku: Sei Girls Square Gakuin will be your next show if you're looking for a school idol anime with short run times and great music!

    This school idol anime is adorable, lovely, and one-of-a-kind. It perfectly conveys the vibrant world of idols, inspiring viewers to become one themselves. Also, the animation is simple, but it grows on the viewers.

    The anime is set at St. Girls Square Academy, which trains professional idols and star performers.

    However, students can only attend the institution if they achieve a passing mark in the auditions held across the country.

    Following that, the successful students form teams and train together every day.

    They are all vying for a spot on the largest platform in the girls' arena, but only one group will be permitted to do so!

  11. Lemon Angel Project

    Lemon Angel Project is both a solid school idol anime and an undervalued anime that deserves more attention.

    It has decent animation, terrific music, and well-written characters, which we initially misunderstood as rehashed characters.

    Most notably, Lemon Angel Project contains a remarkable amount of social criticism for an idol anime!

    This idol anime depicts the rebirth of an idol group named Lemon Angel Project. It was a flourishing group that suddenly vanished due to the death of its founder, Yui.

    As part of her vow to Yui, Tomo Minaguchi now intends to revive the group. She auditions among other high school girls eager to be a part of the new Lemon Angel Project.

    The competition is fierce, and the group's standards are higher than anywhere else.

    Hence, Tomo must improve her singing and dancing skills in order to get chosen!

  12. Zombie Land Saga

    Zombie idols? What more can you ask for in Zombie Land Saga? It is an unusual idol anime, but it surely brings a lot of good stuff!

    It combines idols, comedy, fantasy, and supernatural elements that will surely entertain you!

    The Zombie Land Saga anime starts off with a high school girl named Sakura Minomoto, who dies in a car accident.

    Cliché, but wait till Sakura comes back 10 years after her accident, not as a human being but as a zombie!

    Moreover, Sakura, along with seven other zombie girls brought back by Kotaro Tatsumi, forms a zombie idol group to save the world!

  13. Selection Project

    If you’re looking for an idol anime that has a lot of rivalries, Selection Project will be perfect for you!

    It brings aspiring idols to reality shows, and the audience has the power to decide which girl wins or loses in the auditions!

    It is a very thrilling idol anime that will make the viewers root for the main protagonist throughout her journey!

    The Selection Project anime follows a once-feeble and sickly girl named Miyama Suzune, who joins the seventh Selection Project.

    She wants to get a headstart in the idol industry by joining the same selection project that her favorite idol, Amasawa Akari, once entered!

    Will Suzune be able to become an idol and reach her dreams?

  14. Aikatsu!

    Aikatsu! is a very colorful and vibrant school idol anime that features over 100 characters throughout its run.

    It has 178 episodes, and it is only the first anime in its massive franchise, so viewers will have so many things to look out for.

    This school idol anime revolves around an ordinary middle schooler named Hoshimiya Ichigo.

    At first, she didn’t have any interest in idols, but when she learned of their beauty, Ichigo accepted her best friend’s invitation to apply to the prestigious Starlight Academy.

    Starlight Academy is known for honing up-and-coming idols, and Ichigo needs to train for weeks and months to be on the same stage as the biggest idol in the world, Mizuki Kanzaki.

  15. Love Live! School Idol Project

    Of course, this list will not be complete without Love Live! School Idol Project!

    It is a staple among school idol anime fans, and it is undoubtedly one of the most popular and successful shows there is, with a massive following.

    The Love Live franchise is also massive, featuring different idols in different schools. This is just the first anime to come out of this franchise, and it will always remain iconic!

    Love Live! School Idol Project follows an up-and-coming idol group named "Muse," led by second-year Honoka Kousaka.

    This idol group was formed to save Otonokizaka High School from its low enrollment crisis.

    Thus, Honoka, along with her fellow idols, aim to use their group to promote the school and attract students to enroll!

    After watching School Idol Project, you can also watch other Love Live anime shows like Nijigasaki High School Idol Club, Love Live! Sunshine, and even Love Live! Superstar!

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