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Is Lookism a BL Anime? Genre Explained

Is Lookism a BL Anime Genre Explained Park Hyeong Seok
Credit: Studio Mir

Lookism features a slew of good-looking anime boys, from Park Hyeong Seok to Lee Jin Sung, who have captured the hearts of the female demographic. With so much testosterone in the show, is Lookism considered a BL anime? What is its genre?

The anime debuted on Netflix on December 8, 2022, with eight episodes. It's a Korean original net animation (ONA) based on Park Tae Joon's long-running webtoon of the same name.

The Lookism webtoon is still ongoing as of writing, and there's no sign of it ending anytime soon.

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What Is the Plot of Lookism?

Lookism, as the term implies, refers to people's opinions about the beauty and physique of others and whether they meet their standards. Overweight and underweight discrimination are just two examples of lookism.

Park Hyeong Seok is a young, short, and overweight man who his classmates have always bullied in Lookism. He has been through a lot, from being an errand boy to his bullies ripping him off.

Hyeong Seok decides to transfer schools in the hopes of starting a new and peaceful life where he can hang out and study with friends like regular students.

Unfortunately, Hyeong Seok realizes that his difficulties will never end as he encounters the same cruel people not only on the streets but also at school.

What Is the Plot of Lookism Park Hyeong Seok
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Credit: Studio Mir

That's when Hyeong Seok acquires a second body for reasons he doesn't understand. Hyeong Seok's second body is not only attractive but also lean and toned.

With this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Hyeong Seok decides to go to J High School and attend classes in his new and attractive body.

Immediately, Hyeong Seok realizes that if he goes to school as a tall and handsome man rather than a short and overweight man, people will treat him differently.

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What Is a BL Anime?

What Is a BL Anime Park Hyeong Seok
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BL anime, also known as "boys' love anime," is a genre that depicts a romantic relationship between two boys (or men) without showing graphic sex. It is also known as shounen ai, but should not be confused with yaoi, which is often used interchangeably with BL.

While BL anime is more wholesome, yaoi anime is more intense because it depicts graphic sex.

There are numerous good BL anime series that fans should watch at least once. From Sasaki to Miyano to No. 6, anime fans may discover a new genre to enjoy.

Is Lookism a BL Anime?

Lookism is not a BL anime. However, in the premise, there is a side character who has secret romantic feelings for someone who belongs to the same sex, making for a story that BL anime fans would probably enjoy.

There's also a lot of male-on-male action between the characters in the anime, which will excite BL fans even more.

The anime has a lot of male characters, and the majority of them are violent; therefore, viewers should be warned. In fact, almost all of them find themselves in a fight whenever the opportunity arises.

As a result, fans who expect Lookism to have a lot of romantic tension between male characters will most likely be disappointed.

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What Is Lookism’s Genre?

Rather than being categorized as a BL anime, Lookism is a blend of action, drama, and supernatural genres.

The series is an action anime with lots of fighting and violence. Fighting between the characters occurs in almost every episode of the anime because it is necessary for the narrative to be impactful.

On the other hand, Lookism is a drama anime that explores a variety of real-life personal and societal issues such as bullying and discrimination.

What Is Lookism’s Genre Park Hyeong Seok
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Credit: Studio Mir

The anime does not shy away from discussing these issues, as they serve as the motivation for the main character to change his perspective in life.

Finally, Lookism is a supernatural anime because it features otherworldly elements such as the main character gaining a second body.

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