24 Best Korean Anime to Watch in 2023

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Best Korean Anime To Watch
Credit: Studio Mir

Korean anime, or "aeni," is on the rise as manhwa and webtoons become increasingly popular among manga readers and anime enthusiasts alike. In this article, we have listed the 24 best Korean anime to watch in 2023 in no particular order, for your enjoyment.

While Korea is popularly known for its pop culture and drama series, the animation industry is also gearing up to step up its game.

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  1. My Daughter Is a Zombie

    What happens when your daughter is the last zombie on the planet? Will you expose her to the world and be tormented, or will you keep her hidden from everyone else?

    After a year of unprecedented zombie attacks, South Korea is finally declared zombie-free in this Korean anime. However, one family is hiding a forbidden secret that poses a new threat to humanity!

    Jeonghwan hopes that his zombie daughter Su-ah will be able to live a normal life once her cravings have been satisfied. Will she revert to her human form?

  2. Revbahaf Kingdom Rebuilding Story

    You might remember watching this Korean anime when you were younger. This is the story of a royal family that is invaded and reduced to commoners by a neighboring kingdom.

    From this point on, the Revbahaf Kingdom's royal family attempts to live decently in the hopes of regaining their former glory.

    They ended up in a foothill cabin with the royal prince Van, his handmaiden, his tutor, and philosopher Sian, where they met the kind Aaron, who helped them in their daily lives.

  3. Shining Star

    Shining Star, a cross between Aikatsu! and PriPara, has the same premise as an idol school and concert with cute and motivational songs, but in Korean!

    Shining Star is a 52-episode TV anime produced in 2017 by Maro Studio. If you want to see your favorite K-pop songs covered in anime, Shining Star will do it for you!

    The story centers on Nara as she embarks on her idol journey to realize her dream of becoming a Muse, starting at the prestigious Shining Star School!

  4. Olympus Guardian

    Based on the books about Roman and Greek mythology, Olympus Guardian is an SBS production anime that explores the stories of the 12 Olympians, namely Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades, Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Hermes, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Ares, and Demeter.

    Faithful to its source material, the 39-episode Korean anime is one of the best guides to Greek and Roman mythology.

  5. Hello Jadoo

    Set in a 1980s Korean household, Hello Jadoo centers on the stories of the five members of the Choi family as they juggle their ordinary lives in Korea.

    The anime features the tomboyish girl, Choi Jadoo; the alcoholic husband, Choi Ho-Dol; the grouchy mother, Kim Nan-Hyang; the intelligent sister, Choi Mi-Mi; and the playful brother, Choi Seung-Ki.

    With a heart-warming theme, the anime perfectly captures the elements of a slice-of-life anime.

    It is a fun and light-hearted anime that will provide you with laughter and joy.

  6. A Day Before Us

    If you want something mellow to watch, A Day Before Us will soothe you with its heart-warming tale about the romantic love story of four different characters.

    Although it is a mini-drama, this Korean anime is the definition of every teenager’s spring.

    It is one of the most beautiful and well-animated shows from South Korea. It is so compelling that it will move you to tears.

  7. Psycho Nya Nya

    Psycho Nya Nya is a short comedy anime that will make you laugh within two minutes.

    With 101 web episodes on its slate, you will learn to love and adore the orange cat, Nya Nya, and his ridiculous antics.

    The Korean anime follows Nya Nya’s determination to escape his owner’s plan to neuter him.

    From one strategy to another, Nya Nya must save his nads by terrorizing his owner day and night.

    Trust me, watching this anime is a delightful experience!

  8. Flowering Heart

    With the rising magical girl genre, Flowering Heart is a Korean anime that takes on the world of magical girls.

    It follows the story of Jin Ari, a 12-year-old cheerful girl who transforms into a magical adult girl in order to help people.

    Together with her friends, Sunwoo Min and U Suha, the three girls aim to stop the evil threat to protect the people and the Flowering Kingdom.

    Although it features children transforming into adults, the anime is not recommended for children because of its social commentary about weight and food intake.

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  9. Bagel Girl

    Based on the cartoon by Tank Guy that was published in Lezhin Comics, Bagel Girl is a romantic comedy Korean anime about Bong Gi, a NEET (Not in Education or Employment) who was turned into a beautiful woman after playing online games the whole night.

    It is a 15-episode anime that will definitely make you laugh.

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  10. Winter Sonata

    Based on the hit Korean drama of the same name, Winter Sonata is a Korean anime that is a mix of romance, drama, seinen, and josei anime genres.

    The anime centers on Yoo Jin, who falls in love with Joon Sang. Unfortunately, Joon Sang died in an accident.

    Later, Yoo Jin decides to marry his childhood friend but gets into a bind after meeting someone who looks exactly like Joon Sang.

    If you're into romantic dramas and you've already watched its source material, then Winter Sonata is perfect for you.

    With an overdose of romance and drama, Winter Sonata will surely drive you to tears.

  11. Semi and the Magic Cube

    Semi and the Magic Cube is a Korean anime that is a mix of adventure, comedy, fantasy, and thriller genres.

    It follows the story of Semi and the genius teacher Wai as they become entangled in a time-magical journey in order to stop Evil X from exploiting the powers of the magical cube.

    To stop the looming threat and save the world, our protagonists must solve math and history problems along the way.

  12. Ghost Messenger

    Ghost Messenger is a Korean action, fantasy, fiction, and supernatural anime that explores the world of super-powered agents known as "ghost messengers".

    They are dispatched into the human world to capture and bring back stubborn and evil ghosts who refuse to go back to the World of Death.

    On that note, the World of Death is a highly advanced place with cutting-edge technology similar to that of Wakanda in Black Panther.

  13. Elsword

    Based on the Korean game of the same name, Elsword is a Korean anime with 12 released episodes.

    The premise is similar to Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, Granblue Fantasy, Chain Chronicles, and other fantasy anime that feature MMORPG games.

    Armed with beautifully animated fight scenes, astounding world designs, and gorgeous visuals, Elsword is one of the most highly-rated Korean anime.

    We assure you, it will be a feast for your eyes!

  14. Noblesse

    Through the years, Noblesse has been one of the top-tier webtoons in the world. It is a successful webtoon that spawned animations, ONAs, and OVAs.

    The story centers on the pure-blooded noble vampire named Cadiz Etrama de Raizel as he awakens from his 820-year slumber.

    While the webtoon is amazing in itself, the anime, unfortunately, doesn’t shine that much, even with the collaboration between Crunchyroll and Webtoons.

    To the dismay of fans, the anime fails to execute the narrative, much like its mysterious plot.

    Despite the anime’s shortcomings, Noblesse is still a decent watch with Rai’s quirky and enjoyable scenes.

  15. Closers: Side Blacklambs

    Closers: Side Blacklambs is a 12-episode web anime produced by Studio Animal that debuted in 2017. It is an action and sci-fi anime based on a video game.

    Closers: Side Blacklambs is worth a watch if you're looking for a Korean anime to watch in your spare time, thanks to its pretty good and decent animation and superb character designs.

    The anime follows a group of odd high school students tasked with protecting New Seoul from an invasion of dimensional monsters.

    These students fight to reclaim their homeland with the assistance of the CLOSERS and the UNION organization.

  16. Semantic Error

    If you're looking for a Korean BL anime, then look no further, because Semantic Error could be your next show. Semantic Error is a four-episode Korean ONA that premiered in April 2021.

    Despite its brief duration, Semantic Error contains some adorable and fluffy moments between the characters.

    However, if you haven't read the manhwa, you may get lost in translation, so it's best to start with the source material.

    Chu Sangwoo, a computer science major, and Jang Jaeyoung, a design artist, are polar opposites.

    Things take an unexpected turn when Sangwoo decides to exclude Jaeyoung from a liberal arts group project. What will happen to them?

  17. The Haunted House

    Also known as Shinbi Apartment, The Haunted House is a children’s anime that centers on a 102-year-old goblin named Shinbi as he tries to vanish all the demon ghosts in the world with the help of the Koo Siblings.

    Although it is targeted toward children, the anime proves to be a decent watch even among adults.

    With 83 current episodes on its slate, the anime provides a horror-comedy experience to the viewers.

  18. Jang Geum's Dream

    Based on the hit historical Korean drama Jewel in the Palace, Jang Geum’s Dream is a Korean anime that centers on the main protagonist, Jang Geum, as she ventures toward her dream of becoming a palace chef.

    Unlike its source material which involves murder and corruption, the anime is a light-hearted show targeted toward a young audience.

    The anime is a delightful show that features Korean values, culture, and food.

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  19. Element Hunters

    Imagine a world without chemical elements such as oxygen, carbon, gold, molybdenum, and cobalt. The world would be chaotic.

    Not only was the population reduced, but the missing elements were discovered on a planet called Nega Earth, which is located in another dimension!

    The only hope for survival is carried by a group of young people known as Element Hunters.

    They are all 13 years old, and their flexible brains will allow them to access the Nega Earth and solve the problem while there is still hope!

  20. Super Secret

    Super Secret is a 22-episode ONA based on the same-named manhwa by webtoon artist eon.

    Super Secret, despite its short episode length, is a fluffy and comforting anime that will soothe your soul. It was created by Studio Shelter in 2020.

    Emma Ji and Ryan Nam, two childhood friends, are the protagonists of the anime.

    While Emma is an airhead, Ryan is a doting and overbearing mother-like figure. Ryan and his family agreed to take Emma in after her parents left her.

    Meanwhile, Ryan's family has a supernatural secret that they must keep hidden from Emma. What will happen if Emma finds out about their secret?

  21. God of High School

    God of High School is one of the most popular manhwas that have been released as a webtoon in Korea. It is so popular that it received a mobile game, an original net animation, and an official anime adaptation, which is produced by the giant anime studio, MAPPA.

    The plot follows 17-year-old martial artist Mori Jin, who is invited to attend a martial arts tournament called "The God of High School" (GOH) along with the strongest high schoolers all over Korea.

    Furthermore, the tournament aims to select three Korean representatives to compete in the GOH World Tournament.

    While the event is sponsored by a shady corporation, it promises a grand prize of fulfilling any wish made by the victor.

  22. Tower of God

    Tower of God is an action fantasy adventure Korean anime based on the popular manhwa of the same name.

    The anime centers on Rachel, a girl who dreams of reaching the top of the tower of God, where everything exists in the world, and Bam, who only wants Rachel.

    Legends say that if you manage to reach the top of the tower of God, your wish will be fulfilled.

  23. DOTA: Dragon’s Blood

    DOTA: Dragon's Blood is an anime based on Valve's 2013 hit video game, Dota 2. The anime, which debuted on Netflix in 2021, has spawned three seasons. Production Reve animated all previous seasons of Dota: Dragon's Blood.

    DOTA: Dragon's Blood is set in a fantasy world and follows Davion, a dragon knight who hunts and slays dragons for a living and to protect the world.

    Davion's soul, however, merges with the dragon Slyrak during the battle of Eldwurm.

    Following that, Davion embarks on a journey with the Sun Princess Mirana to prevent the demon Terrorblade from slaughtering all the dragons and collecting their souls.

  24. Lookism

    Bullying is a major problem in Lookism. Park Hyung Seok is haunted by his appearance and physique, which make him look disgusting in front of his classmates.

    Park Hyung Seok recognizes that having a handsome face and a toned body can change the reception of those around him when he decides to transfer out of school and attend a fashion school.

    That's when Park Hyung Seok experiences a miracle and receives a new body, but this time he gets to keep his original body asleep at home while he goes to school in his new, perfect body!

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