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Is Lookism’s Jae Yeol (Jay Hong) Gay?

Is Lookism’s Jae Yeol Jay Hong Gay Who He Likes Explained Jae Yeol
Credit: Studio Mir

Lookism features a wide range of characters with distinct personalities. One of them is Jae Yeol, also known as Jay Hong (his English name), who has always sat in the corner of the classroom, watching Hyeong Seok's everyday interactions with his classmates. So, is Lookism’s Jae Yeol gay? If so, who does he like?

There are many LGBTQIA+ characters on anime shows these days. They not only add variety to the show, but they also make it more enjoyable and relatable.

Fans all over the world adore LGBTQIA+ anime characters such as Utena Tenjo, Victor Nikiforov, Sailor Uranus, and even Hange Zoe.

As a result, it is not surprising that one of the characters in Lookism is a member of the community.

Spoiler Warning: There are Lookism webtoon spoilers ahead!

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Who Is Jae Yeol (Jay Hong) in Lookism?

Who is Jae Yeol Jay Hong in Lookism
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Credit: Studio Mir

Jae Yeol (Jay Hong) is one of Hyeong Seok's classmates at J High School's Fashion Department in Lookism.

While Jae Yeol is the quietest in the room, his blonde hair and immovable bangs that cover his eyes have always made him one of the most attractive guys in class.

He is also a wealthy student who can afford designer clothing, shoes, and bags, and he lives in an opulent condominium with a breathtaking night view.

According to Ha Neul, Jae Yeol is a good-looking guy, but his cold demeanor toward everyone makes him unpopular with girls because no one goes out of their way to befriend him.

He has always been a quiet person who doesn't care about his classmates—not until he met Hyeong Seok for the first time.

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Is Jae Yeol (Jay Hong) Gay?

Is Jae Yeol Jay Hong Gay
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Credit: Studio Mir

In Lookism, Jae Yeol is gay. Ever since Park Hyeong Seok transferred to his class, Jae Yeol has always been eyeing him from head to toe.

We initially assumed that it was simply because Hyeong Seok's physique and appearance impressed him as a fashion student, but the more they interact, the more clear it is that he has feelings for Hyeong Seok.

Jae Yeol has always been generous and affectionate towards Hyeong Seok, from giving him designer hand-me-downs on his birthday to preventing Jin Sung's fist from hitting Hyeong Seok's beautiful face.

While Hyeong Seok believes Jae Yeol is only interested in becoming his friend, as the series progresses, the latter develops feelings for him.

Moreover, Jae Yeol has been featured on Spirit Day as part of Line Webtoon's LGBTQIA+ community promotion on its social media accounts.

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Does Jae Yeol (Jay Hong) Like Hyeong Seok (Daniel Park)?

Does Jae Yeol Jay Hong Like Hyeong Seok Daniel Park
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Credit: Studio Mir

Yes, Jae Yeol has feelings for Hyeong Seok, and we believe it was love at first sight!

After all, Jae Yeol had never spoken to or interacted with Hyeong Seok since transferring schools, and yet, he was already rushing over to prevent Jin Sung from punching Hyeong Seok's lovely face.

The next thing we knew, Jae Yeol had been paying close attention to Hyeong Seok at all times.

Jae Yeol was the only person to join Hyeong Seok in celebrating the latter's birthday.

Also, Jae Yeol gave Hyeong Seok the first birthday present that was not given by his mother, making it more special.

Jae Yeol also assisted Hyeong Seok and Deok Hwa during their school festival competition. He was in charge of the duo's outfits and getup, which aided them greatly in the competition.

Does Jae Yeol Jay Hong Like Hyeong Seok Daniel Park
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Credit: Studio Mir

Later in the webtoon, Jae Yeol even purchased boxes to assist Hyeong Seok's mother in earning a lot of money.

He is so taken with Hyeong Seok that he wishes to become a doctor just so he can care for him.

What's even more touching is that Jae Yeol looked after Hyeong Seok's dogs despite his fear of them. Isn't that sweet?

In addition, Park Tae Joon’s character description for Jae Yeol reveals that he has a crush on Park Hyeong Seok.

It was later confirmed when Jae Yeol tries to impress Hyeong Seok at the amusement park.

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