Do Park Hyeong Seok and Deok Hwa Win? Lookism Ending Explained

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Do Park Hyeong Seok and Deok Hwa Win Lookism Ending Explained Park Hyeong Seok
Credit: Studio Mir

In Lookism, Park Hyeong Seok starts over at a new school where no one recognizes him as the bully's overweight errand boy. Hyeong Seok, who is now living a double life, wants to help other students as well, one of whom is Deok Hwa, an aspiring rapper. In light of this, do Park Hyeong Seok and Deok Hwa win at the end of Lookism?

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Lookism anime.


What Happened in Lookism?

The story starts with Park Hyeong Seok, a short, overweight man who was being bullied by his classmates in a restroom.

They were all laughing about how he resembled a pig rather than a human being, much to Hyeong Seok's chagrin.

Day after day, Hyeong Seok's dreadful school life worsens as bullies not only beat him up in front of his mother but also take advantage of his helplessness by ordering him around.

Fortunately, Hyeong Seok's mother decided to transfer him to a new school where he can live independently and begin again.

Thus, Hyeong Seok's life will never be the same again, as he found himself living a double life as a handsome man and an overweight boy for an unknown reason.

What Happened in Lookism Hyeong Seok
Credit: Studio Mir

Hyeong Seok and his handsome body have experienced many new things since transferring that he could only dream of back then.

Not only do the girls like him, but everyone begins to be nice to him—except for the leaders of the school gangs, and especially his seatmate, Lee Jin Sung.

Fortunately, Hyeong Seok is strong enough to defeat Jin Sung and Basco, as well as some other school thugs who mistook him for being a bad guy.

Near the end of Lookism, Hyeong Seok makes friends with them, as well as Ji Ho and Deok Hwa, who was also bullied at school.

They also showed up to cheer him on at the school festival, where he and Deok Hwa competed against Ho Bin and his partner.

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Do Park Hyeong Seok and Deok Hwa Win?

Do Park Hyeong Seok and Deok Hwa Win
Credit: Studio Mir

Yes, by the end of Lookism, Hyeong Seok and Deok Hwa have won the school festival's music competition.

Despite Ho Bin's efforts to sway Deok Hwa's confidence in himself, the latter was unconcerned about Ho Bin's distraction because he wanted to defeat him fairly.

Deok Hwa was always Ho Bin's punching bag in the anime until Hyeong Seok decided to hang out with him.

Do Park Hyeong Seok and Deok Hwa Win
Credit: Studio Mir

Not only did Hyeong Seok fight for Deok Hwa, but Jin Sung and Basco also backed him up against Ho Bin.


However, this only fueled Ho Bin's hatred for Deok Hwa, who he discovered was auditioning for the same agency.

As a result, Ho Bin would frequently shred Deok Hwa's lyrics with no remorse.

Despite this, Deok Hwa channeled his negative experiences with Ho Bin into soulful lyrics for him and Hyeong Seok to perform at the school festival.

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Lookism Ending Explained

With only eight episodes, Lookism ended with a lot of questions about Hyeong Seok, Soo Jung, Kang Dagyum (DG), and even Deok Hwa.

Hyeong Seok and Deok Hwa's live performance goes viral on YouTube after they win the school festival's music competition.

As a result, Soo Jung and DG are able to watch the video, and DG is quite taken with Hyeong Seok.

Lookism Ending Explained Park Hyeong Seok
Credit: Studio Mir

Soo Jung's kind and affectionate personality toward Hyeong Seok in his overweight body are suddenly explained by her similar situation with him.

It turns out that Soo Jung, like Hyeong Seok, appears to have a second body!

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