Is Disney+ Worth It for Anime Fans?

Is Disney+ Worth it for Anime Fans Tokyo Revengers Takemichi
Credit: Liden Films

Is Disney+ Worth it for Anime Fans Tokyo Revengers Takemichi
Credit: Liden Films

If you are wondering where to watch anime online, Disney+ might show up as a possible streaming service, though it will probably not be the first. So, is Disney+ worth it for anime fans?

A few years ago, you wouldn't have associated Disney+ with much more than Disney films and series, and the Star Wars and Marvel franchises.

But the Disney+ library keeps expanding. Below, we explain what this might mean for anime fans.

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Which Anime Can You Watch on Disney+?

Is Disney+ Worth it for Anime Fans Spy x Family
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Credit: CloverWorks

While Disney+ isn't primarily known for Japanese anime, there are a few titles you can watch there. Currently, these include shounen anime such as My Hero Accademia and Jujutsu Kaisen.

Other anime series you can watch on Disney+ are 2022 favorites such as Kaguya-sama: Love Is War-Ultra Romantic and Spy x Family.

Does Disney+ Have Exclusive Anime?

Is Disney+ Worth it for Anime Fans Tokyo Revengers
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Credit: Liden Films

Disney+ has a very limited number of exclusive anime, and unlike the case of other services such as Netflix, Crunchyroll, or HIDIVE, anime exclusives are definitely not the rule right now.

One anime you can currently find only on Disney+ is Star Wars: Visions, a Japanese series of animated shorts set in the beloved sci-fi universe.

Other exclusive titles on Disney+ include The Tatami Time Machine Blues, Summertime Rendering, Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall, and Twisted Wonderland.

In 2023, the Disney+ list of exclusives doesn't go much further than that. Most other anime on Disney+ can also be found elsewhere.

Due to the new deal between Disney+ and Kodansha, we expect more anime to make it to the streaming service soon, but the anime titles involved in the deal, such as Tokyo Revengers, are available on Hulu as well.

Is Disney+ Worth It for Anime Fans?

Is Disney+ Worth it for Anime Fans Jujutsu Kaisen
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Credit: MAPPA

Ultimately, whether or not to purchase a Disney+ subscription is a personal choice. However, if you are only interested in watching Japanese anime, Disney+ might not be the right streaming service for you.

Disney+ doesn't have the most convenient interface, as you can only browse by category rather than searching by name. This might make it slightly tricky to find anime when Star Wars, Marvel, or Disney content is prioritized.

Moreover, anime fans should consider whether the subscription cost is worthwhile for them, as Disney+ doesn't offer a free trial.

Currently, a Disney+ subscription starts at $7.99 or $10.99 if you want to go ad-free. Specific bundles might cost more. This isn't too much if you are going to watch other Disney+ content in addition to anime.

Disney+ vs. Other Anime Streaming Platforms

Disney vs Other Anime Streaming Platforms Deku MHA
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If you like animated series and movies in general, rather than just Japanese anime, you might benefit from Disney's library, which now includes Pixar content. But if you mainly watch anime, other streaming services might be more worthwhile.

For instance, Crunchyroll also costs $7.99 (and it has lowered its price to just £5.99 in the UK), but it has a much more complete anime library, including some anime you can find on Disney+.

Therefore, consider your general habits as a viewer, and whether you are also interested in the other shows and movies that Disney+ has to offer before you decide if it's a good place for you to watch anime.

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