Funimation Finally Shutting Down: April Closing Date Announced

Funimation Shutting Down
Credit: Funimation

Funimation Shutting Down
Credit: Funimation

The anime landscape was changed forever in early 2022 when Crunchyroll and Funimation announced their long-expected merger. Now that it’s nearly two years later, Funimation is officially shutting down this April.

Since the merger, Funimation has not gotten much in the way of updates as many titles in its library have been transferred to Crunchyroll. Thus, subscribers have been reminded to either migrate or merge their accounts.

With the impending shutdown, existing Funimation subscribers still have some options available now, as we detail below.

When Is Funimation Shutting Down?

Crunchyroll and Funimation’s merger was announced back on March 1, 2022. At the time, existing subscribers were told to get a Crunchyroll account “as soon as possible.”

In the nearly two years since the initial announcement, there was no word from Funimation about an official ending date.

The impending shutdown was imminent though, as the platform has not gotten new anime, with the only exceptions being sequels like the second season of Bofuri and the Attack on Titan Final Season Final Chapters special.

Finally, Funimation shared an update on its official website, confirming that the app is shutting down on April 2, 2024. This means subscribers will no longer be able to watch anime there or access certain features.

This shutdown isn’t too surprising given that Crunchyroll’s parent company Sony is keen on consolidating their anime streaming options into one platform.

As for why it has taken so long to migrate, moving Funimation’s library to Crunchyroll is a massive task, both in terms of the back-end systems as well as anime streaming licenses.

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Are All Funimation Anime Now Available on Crunchyroll?

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Credit: Bones

The biggest question for many anime fans is if all the Funimation titles have been transferred to Crunchyroll.

According to Funimation, most of the content has been migrated already, though there are still titles that have not yet been transferred. There’s no word yet on whether all the content will eventually be migrated.

There are also some shows where certain language dubs or subtitles have not yet been transferred.

Can I Get a Refund on My Funimation Subscription?

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Users who are still subscribed to Funimation are not guaranteed to get monetary refunds as no offers were made by the platform.

Instead of refunds, Funimation started offering transfers as early as 2022 where any remaining Funimation subscription time can be transferred to a Crunchyroll account.

Currently, Funimation has two main transfer options. The first is merging an existing Funimation account with a Crunchyroll account while the other is migrating to a new Crunchyroll account.

On the Funimation website though, it’s mentioned that users who would like to get a refund should contact the support team for options depending on the payment method.

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Funimation Subscription Cancellation Details

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Since the merger was announced, Funimation reminded subscribers to cancel their Funimation accounts and move to Crunchyroll “as soon as possible”.

While moving to Crunchyroll is the best option for many, those who would rather cancel their subscription can still do so.

Users can cancel their subscriptions now through the Funimation account settings. After April 2, users will only be able to cancel their subscriptions through the Crunchyroll account settings.

How Do I Migrate My Funimation Account to a New Crunchyroll?

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For Funimation subscribers who don’t have an existing Crunchyroll account, migration should be automatic.

Users can simply log in to Crunchyroll using their Funimation log-in credentials. Along with the payment, users’ History and Watch Lists should also be transferred.

If there are missing details from the transfer, Funimation recommends that users contact their support team.

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How Do I Merge My Funimation and Existing Crunchyroll Accounts?

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As for Funimation subscribers with existing Crunchyroll accounts, they will need to confirm changes by following these steps:

  1. Log in to Crunchyroll using your Funimation account
  2. Pick among these three options to sync the accounts:
    1. Combine Funimation and Crunchyroll data (including History and Watch Lists)
    2. Keep Crunchyroll data only
    3. Keep Funimation data only
  3. Confirm changes by clicking “Yes I’m Sure”

For users who change their minds or mistakenly select the wrong option, Funimation again recommends contacting the support team for help.

These are the steps for premium Crunchyroll account holders, but for those with free Crunchyroll accounts, the merger will still be possible, though the subscription fees from Funimation will also be transferred.

Also worth noting is that merging accounts will only be available for Funimation and Crunchyroll subscribers who use the same email account for both platforms.

For those who use different accounts, migrating to a new account is the only option for transferring to Crunchyroll.

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Can You Match This Image to the Right Anime Classic?

Funimation Shutdown Exceptions

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Credit: MAPPA

Despite Funimation shutting down soon, the merger or migration process should be fairly straightforward for many users, though there are some exceptions.

To start, subscribers in Canada will experience a currency change in their next billing cycle. Those with a Funimation annual subscription will also have their subscription canceled.

There is still an option for Canadian users to migrate their existing Funimation subscription to a new Crunchyroll account.

Meanwhile, subscribers in Chile must migrate to a Crunchyroll account by April 2 if they want to retain their subscription, Watch History, and Queue.

Finally, Funimation shutting down also means that the price of a new Crunchyroll plan will increase in the next billing cycle. More info about the pricing change will be shared with subscribers via email.

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