Is Jungkook The Smartest BTS Member? Fans Suggest He Should Be On Genius K-pop Idols List

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BTS Jungkook should be included on Genius K-pop Idols list, fans said.

Jeon Jungkook, despite being the youngest BTS member, already proved he could do anything as an idol. He has impressed Hollywood stars with his dancing, rapping, and vocals. Even the professional singers speak highly of the range of his voice.

While he continues to develop his skills, the K-pop idol gained the title Triple Threat and All-rounder Idol as he can do any position in the group.


But aside from being a top-notch idol, his fans also revealed that he excels academically, too, that they want his name to be included on the Genius K-pop Idols list.

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Fans Want BTS Jungkook's Name To Be On Genius K-pop Idols List

Is BTS Jungkook Genius? Fans Suggest He Should Be On Genius K-pop Idols List
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On the Korean online community Nate Pann, the post about genius idols already gained nearly 100,000 views. Korean internet users also asked why Jungkook is not on the list as he should be the number 1.


Most users pointed out he can perform for hours without compromising the other skills he has. Some also boasted how there is nothing he cannot do.

In addition, he showed what he got in one of their international appearances.

During an episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden last year, Jungkook showed why people think like that and outsmarted the show's host. At that time, BTS was promoting their Black Swan single. In one of the show's segments, all seven members were asked to play hide and seek with Corden and Ashton Kutcher.

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RM, J-Hope, Suga, Jin, Jimin, and V tried to find good hiding places. Meanwhile, Jungkook chose to join the filming staff instead and pretended to be one of the show's cameramen. After the host and Kutcher found everyone, the duo only received a tip from the BTS leader to find them already.

Though Jungkook recently took the spotlight, all BTS members have impressive IQ levels.

BTS Members IQ: Who Is The Smartest Among Them?

Is BTS Jungkook Genius? Fans Suggest He Should Be On Genius K-pop Idols List
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Outside the music industry, BTS members also excel academically, joining a handful of Korean celebrities who have high intelligence quotient scores. Health websites report that only two percent of people in the world have an IQ score above 130 — and BTS leader, RM, is indeed one of the little Einsteins.


The list posted by South China Morning Post revealed RM's academic excellence aside from being the leader of the world's most popular K-pop group. The rapper previously scored 900 out of 990 in the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC). In addition, he revealed during his appearance on Mnet's Beatles Code that he was included in South Korea's top 1.3 percent in high school exams.

Following him on the list are V (around 130), Jungkook (128), Jimin (128), and Jin (107). Suga and J-Hope's IQ levels remain unknown.

Regardless of their scores, BTS members have repeatedly proven that intelligence is not only scored by how excellent they were in school. Instead, intelligence is also about how they produce songs and develop choreographies soon after completing a set.

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