Interview With the Vampire Episode 4 Clip Shows The ‘New’ Claudia

Interview with the Vampire’s new clip for incoming episode 4 shows Bailey Bass’ Claudia being turned, affecting Lestat and Louis’ dynamics to turn into a full family. The AMC series did not shy away from outright calling Lestat and Louis ‘star-crossed lovers’ and even changed a few elements from its original film adaptation starring Brad Pitt as Louis with Tom Cruise as his Lestat. Game of Thrones' Jacob Anderson (the new Louis) supports the adaptation’s little twist into the story.

On the verge of losing Louis, Lestat hears his plea to ‘save’ the child from dying, and that child being Claudia, who’s mortal. While in the original film, Pitt’s Louis had to save Claudia (played by young Kirsten Dunst at the time) after being tempted to take a sip of her young blood, due to the guilt he was suffering from his temptation. However, in this AMC series, Claudia had been first introduced when Louis hears her cries from inside a burning Azalea.

In a recent interview with, Bailey Bass (Claudia’s actor) spoke about the essence of her character:

“At the end of the day, she is the same Claudia. She has the same essence in the book. You see this feral, powerful, strong, craving independence person, that little vampire that’s stuck in this body. The only difference is now she’s 14 and I’m Black.”

In the original 1994 Interview with the Vampire, Claudia was played as a white child, while in the AMC series, she is being portrayed as a Black teenager, which will most likely set the dynamics far from its initial piece where Dunst’s Claudia had to suffer being stuck as a child forever, and in the case of Bass’, she is stuck as a teenager longing to become a woman. Not much difference there, just the ages of the role. Bass went on to say Anne Rice has always been a diverse author, always open to modernity with the confirmation that Louis and Lestat had always been beyond platonic ‘comrades’ from the very beginning:

“Anne Rice was one of the most pro-diversity, pro-LGBTQIA people, and because of that, you see it translate so effortlessly in this world. All we did was just make it in 1910 and changed what the characters look like a little bit, but it just opened the door to having more expression on screen.”

Watch the exclusive clip of Claudia's turning here.

Catch Interview with the Vampire Sunday nights on AMC.

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