Interview With the Vampire News & Update: Fans Can't Help But Pit Louis Actors Jacob Anderson, Brad Pitt Against Each Other

Credit: Movieclips/YouTube

Credit: Movieclips/YouTube

New Louis actor Jacob Anderson was recently on a Television Critics Association Zoom panel for Interview with the Vampire. When the inevitable question about his portrayal of Louis vs Brad Pitt's movie came up, here's what he has to say.

'Brad Pitt is Brad Pitt," Jacob Anderson Says

Louis (Pitt) relayed his narrative to Malloy (Christian Slater) in the current day in 1994's Interview with the Vampire. In a flashback to the start of the century, he described how Lestat (Tom Cruise) turned him into a vampire.

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"Brad Pitt is Brad Pitt. I'm not going to try and compete with that, and I think he's a brilliant Louis," Anderson said. "Why compete? How amazing that all of these Anne Rice stories can exist, all these Anne Rice interpretations and the books can all exist at the same time."

A Tinge of More Anger

It is also on purpose if this Louis appears to be angrier. As a vampire surviving throughout human history and as a Black Man in turn-of-the-century New Orleans, Anderson embraced the wrath that Louis felt.

"I think he can't quite find his place. He's kind of stuck between all of these masks and all of these personas that he's created for himself," Anderson explained. "And I think he feels chapped by it and he's not quite sure who to blame. Sometimes that manifests in rage and he kind of sends it to the wrong people. I think that's where it comes from. I think when you spend your life having to hide who you really are, you reach resentment."

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Louis hadn't even reached the age of 100 when the late Anne Rice wrote the book in the 1970s. He was just about there by the 1994 film. Louis has now lived till 2022. Having a weekly TV series, however, allows Interview with the Vampire to go deeper into Louis' background.

The series has also challenged itself to go further into Louis, and Lestat's relationship than the original book and the 1994 film did. Louis and Lestat already have a dysfunctional relationship. Adding romance to the mix is bound to complicate matters even further.

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Interview with the Vampire airs Sundays at 10 pm on AMC and streams on AMC+.

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