Does Killua Die in Hunter x Hunter?

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Does Killua Die in Hunter x Hunter?

While it is true that Killua has grown so much since the beginning of the series, there are quite a few times when he could have died. But does Killua die at the end of Hunter x Hunter?

Killua Zoldyck is one of the protagonists of Hunter x Hunter. He has been with Gon since the Hunter Exam Arc, and the two have become inseparable throughout Gon’s journey to find his dad.

It was emphasized that Killua was trained to become an assassin ever since he was young. He is known for his quick thinking, great analysis, and confidence in his abilities. Unlike Gon, Killua strategizes everything he does, especially in battle.

He was placed in tight situations before, like when he faced the Ortho siblings and their dart game, but he always comes back alive with a new strategy.

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Does Killua Die in Hunter x Hunter?

Does Hunter x Hunter Killua Die
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Killua doesn’t die in Hunter x Hunter. When he and Gon finally reached the World Tree, where Ging was supposed to be, Killua decided not to come with Gon and just travel the world with his sister instead.

The two friends decided to keep their friendship but go on separate ways.

The next time Killua appeared was during the Succession Contest Arc when he had a phone conversation with Kurapika. The latter informs his project to get close to the princes and Killua recommends Biscuit for the job.

As the Hunter x Hunter manga is still ongoing, it is hard to tell if Killua will come back or if he will have his own story.

Although his past was brought up a couple of times in the series, Killua doesn’t have a huge goal like Kurapika or Gon.

Killua has grown so much since the first episode, and until the creator reveals his plan or updates a new chapter, fans are left in the dark. Will Killua finally discover what he wants to achieve?

What happens after he travels the world with his sister? Will he and Gon reunite? Hopefully, now that the Hunter x Hunter hiatus has ended, supporters will get some answers.

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