Hunter Biden, Melissa Cohen Headed For Divorce? Joe Biden's Son Reportedly Wanted To Hook Up With Brooklyn Beckham's Wife



The marriage of Hunter Biden to second wife Melissa Cohen is currently hitting rock bottom amid the pressures of living as “virtual prisoners” as scandal swirls around President Joe Biden and his recovering son, a new report claimed.

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Hunter Biden, Melissa Cohen’s Marriage In Crisis?

Sources claimed that Hunter and Cohen are trapped in their home under 24/7 Secret Service protection, and it has caused some friction between the couple. A tipster told Globe:

“’s caused more strain than either can handle. It doesn’t help that Hunter’s paranoid and quite a jealous character and high-maintenance. The feds have been breathing down their necks for over four years and Hunter has lots of enemies waiting to see him fall. All they do is sit this out and it’s driving them crazy.”

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The report added federal prosecutors are heading in for the kill as they wrap a probe into Hunter’s possible tax and foreign lobbying violations, false statements and other offenses.

The same informant said:

“Melissa’s hankering to return to work but Hunter’s worried about what will happen if she does. She has the patience of a saint, but people do wonder what’s in it for her to stay in this marriage when she’s clearly so unhappy.”

Other reports suggest that Cohen did not realize what she was getting herself into when she tied the knot with Hunter amid a scandal over his laptop files that shed light on his sleazy drug-fueled sexual antics and triggered questions about a presidential bribery scandal.

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A tattler stated:

“Perhaps she saw herself as Hunter’s savior. She helped him to get sober. [While Hinter should be grateful for what she’s done for him], he takes her for granted. If he’s not being a prince and not treating her like gold, people wonder why she’s sticking around.”

Hunter Biden Begged His Cousin To Set Him Up With Nicola Peltz?

Meanwhile, DailyMail obtained text screenshots showing Hunter Biden allegedly asking his cousin to set him up with Nicola Peltz, who wed Brooklyn Beckham in 2021.

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The messages reportedly revealed that the president’s son lamented his lack of romantic success and began talking about potential girlfriends in a text exchange with Caroline Biden while he was undergoing treatment at a rehab in Massachusetts in January 2019.

The text screenshots also showed Hunter told his cousin how his psychiatrist had suggested he date Nicola Peltz in order to “break free” from Hallie. The pair also discussed model Bella Hadid, Bella Thorne, Lucy Dahl and Yasmina Jones as other potential matches for Joe Biden’s son.

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At the time, Hunter was searching for his next love interest after his years-long romance with his sister-in-law, who was married to his late brother Beau, had soured. He reportedly pressed Caroline to set him up with the Transformer star, who coincidentally already had ties to his cousin.

He also asked Caroline to find other “rich, hot, and kind” women throughout their conversation, which took place just four months before he said “I do” with his present wife, Melissa Cohen.

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Caroline told Hunter she knew a modeling agency head who could reportedly hook him up with any model he wants. On January 28, 2019, Hunter told his cousin that he and his shrink had been chatting over lunch earlier that day when the doctor said he met a woman with his family in Maine who was “perfect” for him.

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Hunter wrote to Caroline:

“Her name is a Pelt[z]....Or whatever your friend['s] name is and showed me her picture. Funny huh.”

Caroline retorted to the First Son:

“Nicola Peltz!?!? See I told you. How f***ing pretty is she. And sweet. Did you tell her you're my cousin[?]”

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Hunter continued:

“He was telling me that I have to break d=free (sic) from Halliestrap ... And then said ...'I know someone' ... Nicola Peltz ... You two would be perfect. I said my cousin knows her well and was supposed to set us up on a date but She didn't b/cd [because] she's-crazy as me.”

An insider close to Nicola’s family told DailyMail that the wife of Brooklyn Beckham has never met nor spoken with Hunter Biden. Also, the connection between Nicola and Caroline remains unclear.

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden and Melissa Cohen have yet to comment on the claims that their marriage is currently on the rocks. So, devoted supporters of Joe Biden’s son should take all these unverified reports with a grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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