BLACKPINK Disbandment Finally Happening This Year? Here's Why Lisa, Jennie, Rose, Jisoo Are Unlikely To Renew Their Contracts With YG Entertainment

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Speculations about the possibility of BLACKPINK not renewing their contract with YG Entertainment have become rife lately, especially since Lisa, Jennie, Rose and Jisoo are set to face a discussion about their contract renewal with the said agency on their seventh year as a group very soon.

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Here are some of the possible reasons why BLACKPINK might decide not to renew their contract with YG Entertainment:

BLACKPINK Members’ Average Age

There is no denying that age is one of the burdens most K-pop groups face as the idol market continues to become younger. As a matter of fact, the combined age of BLACKPINK members Lisa, Jennie, Rose and Jisoo is already 26.3 years old while next-generation groups like IVE, LE SSERAFIM and New Jeans have an average age of 18.3 years old.

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YG Entertainment’s History Of Disbanding K-Pop Groups

Another reason why some fans think that BLACKPINK would unlikely be renewing their contract with YG Entertainment is due to the agency’s pattern of disbanding groups after a new group is launched. A source said:

"If you look at YG's past renewal year, there is a hint. BLACKPINK's debut dates back to 2016. That year is also the time to renew the contract of YG senior girl group 2NE1. BLACKPINK was deployed on August 8 of that year, and 2NE1's team activities ended on November 25 of the same year. As a result, YG did not hold hands with 2NE1 and went all-in to the new girl group BLACKPINK."

In 2023, the same trend continues after the debut of BABYMONSTER, which is YG Entertainment’s first girl group since BLACKPINK was formed seven years ago.


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BLACKPINK Is The Biggest Girl Group In The World

With their massive global success individually and as a band, BLACKPINK has allegedly no reason to continue their group activities. Lisa, Jennie, Rose and Jisoo have proven themselves as they became the female faces of K-pop.

There are claims that BLACKPINK is likely to follow the steps of BIGBANG, wherein the group only releases albums and does not attend shows and promotions as they could not coordinate their schedules.


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BLACKPINK Members Are Getting Bigger Offers

Another major reason why some avid followers of BLACKPINK think they are no longer renewing their contract with YG Entertainment this year is the fact that its members have been receiving huge offers from several companies. In fact, Lisa has already received offers from prestigious brands that are willing to pay up to $78 million to the Thai songstress.

BLACKPINK members Lisa, Jennie, Rose and Jisoo have yet to comment on the claims that they are no longer renewing their contract with YG Entertainment. So, devoted supporters of the quartet should take all these unverified reports with a grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.


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