Prince William Infuriated After King Charles Invited Prince Harry, Meghan Markle In His Coronation: Report

Credit: BBC/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BBC/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William has reservations about the presence of Prince Harry at King Charles’ upcoming coronation and fears that his brother, including Meghan Markle, could take the new monarch’s milestone event as a media opportunity to “pull a stunt.”

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Prince William Fears Prince Harry Could Steal Limelight From King Charles?

An unnamed source claimed:

“The issue of substance is whether they attend the coronation and if they do, under what terms and conditions. William fears that unless Harry’s visit is tightly scripted, he could steal the limelight by, for example, going on a walkabout in a deprived London borough with Meghan.”

It went on to say that:

“The family is split, and all the indications are that Harry is being advised to agree to nothing at this stage and ‘play it long,’ right up to the last minute, which is making negotiations with him difficult.”

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Royal expert Duncan Larcombe told Bella UK that Prince William is infuriated because Prince Harry has broken his trust, which means that the new Prince of Wales can’t have a single conversation with his own sibling about anything ever again for fear that it would be leaked to the public.

He added:

“It doesn’t matter what William says to Harry now, the fact is that he will never be able to trust whether or not that will become public, so they can never have a serious conversation about anything until that trust is rebuilt. That will take longer than the three months they have before the coronation.”

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Larcombe also shared that the main concern of Prince William would be that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would want to play any kind of role even as guests. He said:

“If Harry does accept Charles’ invitation, his role will not be one of ceremony, but of a son supporting his father being crowned king. William will be busy on the day, with lots of pomp and ceremony, so during the service itself, they wouldn’t be sitting next to each other. All this might make Harry feel even more, in his own words, spare.”

The royal expert furthered:

“But as we know from Harry’s book Spare, all kinds of rows and falling outs can explode once they are behind close doors. How can the family risk igniting another row that would give Harry more material for his next book? There’s no way that William is going to be playing that game with his brother.”

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King Charles Wants Prince William, Prince Harry To End Rift?

Meanwhile, Prince Harry claimed in his memoir that the greatest wish of King Charles is to see him and Prince William reconcile their differences. Larcombe said:

“King Charles desperately wants the feud and the war of words between the brothers to finish. But more than that, he won’t want to see his two sons living these separate lives with bad blood and resentment. No father wants to see their kids fall out in a way so spectacularly as William and Harry have. Kate and Camilla share the same view as King Charles – they want to see the disagreements sorted and the brothers make up.”

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The royal expert added:

“No one in the royal family is happy with what Harry’s doing, and the collective wish of the royals is that Harry and Meghan should stop funding their lifestyle and a new life off the proceeds of revealing family secrets and laying bare family disagreements.”

There have been speculations that King Charles would finally break his silence on Prince Harry’s allegations in a pre-coronation interview, possibly, with BBC. An unnamed source said:

“It is not the done thing to avoid subjects in interviews, so it makes matters tricky. Even one small comment on Harry and Meghan would make worldwide news. It could also prompt a response from Harry, which could be unpredictable. Everything is very delicate.”

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It was also claimed that King Charles asked Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby to “broker a deal” to ensure Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s attendance, amid reports that he thinks their absence would an even bigger distraction to his big day.

Prince William has yet to comment on the reports saying that he fears Prince Harry would steal King Charles’ thunder on his coronation day. So, devoted supporters of the royal family should take all these unverified claims with a pinch of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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