How Strong Are Skrulls in Secret Invasion?

Secret Invasion Episode 3 just confirmed two things about the Skrulls, both of which involve the enhancement of their powers and abilities and beyond being shapeshifters. So, how strong are the Skrulls in Secret Invasion?

With Gravik building his new Skrulls colony for their plan to take over earth and make it their own home planet aka the new ‘Skrullos’, there’s a chance he might succeed given his newfound device that could help him and his Skrulls defeat any of Earth’s Greatest Defenders.

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Secret Invasion, so READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

How Strong Are Skrulls in Marvel Comics?

How Strong Are Skrulls in Secret Invasion?
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Credit: Marvel Comics

Skrulls are ruthless shapeshifting creatures in Marvel Comics. Canonically, the Skrulls colony are all villains who wreaked havoc on earth by taking over the planet in an attempt to build their new home there.

If you can remember, the Skrulls were first introduced in the MCU in the first Captain Marvel movie. It was the duration of the Skrulls-Kree war and Carol Danvers was brainwashed into thinking the Skrulls had been the enemy, when in reality, the MCU portrayed the opposite: the Skrulls were the victim.

The Skrulls were forced out of their home planet, Skrullos, thanks to the Kree.

But if you have read the Marvel Comics, the Skrulls were a cruel and superior race whose main purpose seems to be dominating worlds and galaxies, which includes earth.

Now, the Skrulls may have enhanced abilities compared to humans, but they’re not exactly strong enough to be considered ‘supers’. Even though they have their shapeshifting abilities, they still have their limits.

Sure, they are much more durable and faster than the average human, but they technically overrule and overpower anyone based on the number of their species. Their strength comes in numbers.

Secret Invasion had also finally included ‘Super Skrulls’ into the MCU canon.

In the comics, Super Skrulls are an ‘elite shock troop’ that use their ability (not only shapeshift, but also gain the powers and abilities of the person they mime into) to invade their target planet or galaxy.

So here’s how the Disney Plus series introduced the Super Skrulls into the MCU:

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How Strong Are Skrulls in Secret Invasion? Super Skrulls Explained

How Strong Are Skrulls in Secret Invasion?
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Well, the Disney Plus series pretty much offered the same ideals behind the powers and abilities behind Skrulls.

It was in the first episode of Secret Invasion that we realize the Skrulls are pretty mortal, if you think about it. They could be easily killed by bullets, just as humans can, they just happen to be a little stronger.

Let’s not forget: although they can shapeshift into any person or creature they require, they must first acquire physical contact to mime the person they aim to imitate, so they’re not as ‘super’ as they seem to be.

However, Secret Invasion Episode 3 had just unveiled a more complicated problem for Nick Fury to face.

Gravik may have succeeded in conquering the earth by letting his Skrulls take over most of the highly influential people on the planet, but he has also been building a machine that could improve their shapeshifting abilities.

Instead of simply copying the person they need for this war, the device will also allow his Skrulls to inherit any power or ability the source possesses.

So if they do get their hands on an Avenger, they could impersonate the Avenger hero’s physical attributes whilst utilizing their powers to their own advantage.

Gravik even called themselves ‘Super Skrulls’.

Although Secret Invasion didn't exactly show their limitations and newly gained advantages of being ‘Super’, we could see how Gravik’s hand healed from when Talos stabbed him on the table.

If you looked closer, the healing of Gravik’s hand is awfully familiar to how the Extremites do in the Iron Man franchise, in which they could regenerate their cells back to its normal form. But that was just the beginning of it.

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Gravik's Super Skrulls Gained Newfound Power

How Strong Are Skrulls in Secret Invasion?
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Secret Invasion Episode 4 had Gravik and his Skrull colony running after the president on a goose chase, where Skrull Rhodey was pulling the strings behind the execution.

Under the guise of whom we were initially convinced to be Rhodey himself, the Skrull using his image acquired the exact coordinates of the president's location so Gravik could track him down by helicopter.

Now, amidst the fight, Gravik is seen not only recovering from the Extremite DNA he had embedded in himself, but also Groot's vines and abilities!

Before we actually got to see Gravik show off his powers, the earliest part of the episode showed off immortality with G'iah suddenly coming back to life after she managed to take some Super Skrull DNA before getting gunned down as a 'mole' within Gravik's camp.

G'iah Becomes the MCU's Most Empowered Character

How Strong Are Skrulls in Secret Invasion?
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Secret Invasion Episode 6 unveiled the biggest plot twist in the MCU series: G'iah has just become Marvel's most empowered character in the franchise!

Remember how all we've been asking throughout the entire Secret Invasion: Where are the Avengers? Well, here's how the 'Avengers' appeared in the finale.

Although many assumed that Daisy Johnson aka Quake would appear in the series to save the day, save the earth from Skrulls, we actually get the Avengers through G'iah, here's how.

See, Gravik was previously questioned by his own Skrull colony as to why he'd been stalling their plan to kill Nick Fury and that is because of Fury's possession with the Avengers' DNA in his hands aka the 'Harvest.'

Gravik wanted to get his hands on that DNA to strengthen his army of Super Skrulls so they could all yield the same superpowers and abilities to get the humans under their command.

However, thanks to G'iah managing to get her hands on the Super Skrulls DNA, she came back alive soon after, and once Fury handed over the Avengers' DNA, she used her newfound abilities to defeat Gravik by the series finale.

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