Why Is Nick Fury Working With Skrulls?

Skrulls feel like an abandoned plotline in the MCU projects, but now with Secret Invasion heavily focusing on these shapeshifters, we also get to see a different light behind their motives, as well as Nick Fury’s new resolve.

Nick Fury, after many years of traveling space with Skrull refugees, has finally returned to familiar soil on earth. However, many of his colleagues have begun doubting his intentions since he landed back. Many things have changed since he was gone, after all.

One of them even happens to be suspecting him of his wavering faith in the ability of the Avengers to protect Earth. The question lies in this, why is Nick Fury working with Skrulls, the enemy they have come to know now?

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Secret Invasion, so READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Why Is Nick Fury Working With The Skrulls?

Why Is Nick Fury Working With Skrulls?
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It began in the first Captain Marvel movie. When Nick Fury and Carol Danvers decided to work together to stop the ‘invasion’ of the Skrulls on earth, it was only then that the duo had eventually uncovered the truth: the Skrulls were innocent.

They weren’t terrorists as the Krees have led Carol to believe in the first place.

As it turned out, it was the Kree who had misled the information on purpose to Carol just so they could continue to torment and extinguish the Skrull species on their own, it was they who had gotten rid of the Skrulls’ home planet, Skrullos, after all.

Well, thanks to Talos, the first ever Skrull to open Fury and Carol to the full truth behind the Skrull-Kree war, Fury and Carol were able to gain access to more of the Skrull refugees that were somehow saved from the destruction of their home planet.

Since the Captain Marvel movie, Fury and Carol had sworn to protect the Skrulls and find them their new home.

The next time we saw Fury working with the Skrulls was back in Spider-Man: Far From Home’s post-credits scene, where Nick Fury and Maria Hill that Peter Parker had been working with turned out to be Talos and his wife in disguise.

It was also the first film to reveal Fury’s whereabouts of commandeering the S.A.B.E.R. space station.

Another was back in WandaVision’s post-credits scene where Monica Rambeau was called in to an empty theater where an FBI agent (who turned out to be a Skrull, too) tells her that Fury needs her up there. This would only lead to the events that are bound to take place in The Marvels this November.

Secret Invasion 2 provided a little more context in regards to their contract, in terms of the visitation and alliance of Skrulls to earth and vice versa. Check out below what Fury's speech had to say to the Skrulls when they first got here:

"Almost ever since I met Talos, I believed that humans and Skrulls can help each other. The world is facing a serious threat. And I could use your help. It would mean putting on a new face and keeping it. This is the promise. While you work to keep my home safe, Carol Danvers and I will find you a new one. You keep your word, I keep mine."

Fury is inherently one of the good guys in the MCU who simply wants to do justice to what he sees right in their world. However, it would seem that no matter how good his intentions are, he is always bound to reveal some flaws.

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How Long Has Nick Fury Been Working With Skrulls?

Why Is Nick Fury Working With Skrulls?
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Skrulls were first introduced in the Captain Marvel movie back in 2019.

Though Nick Fury had had his doubts about the existence of these shapeshifters back when Carol Danvers told him the reason behind her landing on Earth.

At the time, Fury refused to believe about Skrulls, until he eventually met with them and began the journey of working alongside them for the benefit of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Captain Marvel takes place in 1995 on the MCU timeline, which means it’s been years since Fury decided to work with Skrulls. Secret Invasion takes place in present day, the year 2025 on the MCU timeline.

This timeline of Nick Fury establishing his official allegiance with the Skrulls was also proven to be correct in Secret Invasion Episode 2.

Considering that he had even failed to contact Maria Hill in the years Fury retreated to the S.A.B.E.R. space station, it is only natural for his old colleagues to doubt his loyalty in saving the planet.

Not to mention, Fury himself had admitted that one of the reasons he decided to join the Skrulls’ space station was because he had lost faith in the Avengers he built.

The aftermath of having been one of the many to turn into dust in The Blip awoken a sense of fear that the Avengers could still lose, that he could easily lose his life, in spite of putting his trust into the people he worked with.

Of course, this puts Fury in the spotlight of finishing what he started.

Now, the question is, are Skrulls good or bad? Secret Invasion hopes to answer many fan theories and queries and now that Fury is in a tight spot, losing one of his best agents on the field, he is left to work with the few trustworthy people by his side.

Could Nick Fury succeed in the end and regain his status as a notable ally of Earth?

Is Nick Fury Still Working With Skrulls in Secret Invasion?

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Why Is Nick Fury Working With Skrulls?
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Fury may have returned to Earth, but he has lost his fellow allies. He lost their trust and alliance, and even lost Maria Hill during a terrorist bombing attack in Moscow that Gravik had implanted.

It would seem that he had to cut his losses, considering the only one keeping him safe now and still trusts him is Talos.

Now, the problem is, when Talos revealed he had long known that millions of Skrulls had already been residing on earth without Fury's knowledge, Fury was enraged by this revelation.

See, Talos' hope involves more of why he believes two species could coincide with one another, meanwhile, Fury refuses to believe that humans could ever accept coinciding with Skrulls: "We've been at war with each other since we could walk upright! There is not enough room or tolerance on this planet for another species!"

Not to mention, in Secret Invasion Episode 1, when Maria Hill was gunned down by Gravik while being under the guise of Nick Fury, Skrull Rhodey had been using it as a threat against Fury in order to get him to cooperate with the Skrulls' plans of taking down President Ritson to their advantage.

Why Is Nick Fury Working With Skrulls?
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Credit: Marvel Studios

The Skrulls had invaded earth one by one by taking over the world's greatest leaders from under the humans' noses. In this case, President Ritson would be their winning piece on their side of this war.

In ensuring Fury wouldn't dare interrupt their work, they would blackmail him of the video they took of allegedly killing Maria Hill, and to leak that video would mean the end of Fury's career and position as one of Earth's Greatest Defenders.

One of the reasons Nick Fury also worked with the Skrulls is the fact he fell in love with one: his wife, Priscilla Fury, whose Skrull birthname is Varra.

Though Varra had long believed that Fury merely fell in love with her because of the human skin she possessed and took over, it was in Secret Invasion's finale that we get to see Fury falling in love with his wife all over again, this time, in her own skin.

Why Is Nick Fury Working With Skrulls?
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Now, as for the ending of Secret Invasion, Fury decided to accompany the Skrulls to the Kree's alleged 'peace treaty' to end their war.

He climbs aboard the S.A.B.E.R. space station with his wife, Priscilla, to also ensure he keeps his end of the bargain as he promised the green-skinned shapeshifters.

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