How Old is Boruto?

Boruto is the main protagonist of the series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. He is the son of Naruto and Hinata and a member of Team 7 with Sarada and Mitsuki. Those who have not watched the manga or read the series will immediately know who Boruto is considering that he is the spitting image of his father: same blonde spiky hair, blue eyes, and whiskers. 

He also inherited some features of his mother like the shape of her eye and face but other than those, he is like Naruto, but younger. In terms of age, some fans have been wondering, how old is Boruto? Continue reading to find out! 

How Old is Boruto?

How Old is Boruto? 1
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Currently, Boruto is 16 years old. His first appearance was in The Last: Naruto the Movie where he was 5 years old. When the series started, which is the Academy arc, Boruto is 12 years old. When Momoshiki gave him the seal, Boruto is already 16, which is his current age. His birthday is on March 27, which makes his zodiac an Aries. 

Boruto grew up with his parents’ care, although after Naruto became a Hokage, he was so busy that he didn’t have time for his family. This made Boruto distant and angry at his father. He loves his sister and mother deeply that he would become indignant if one of them is hurt, be it emotionally or physically. 

Although Naruto tried to improve their relationship, it was strained, and he couldn’t be consistent about being around, considering he has a lot of duties as the Hokage. This made Boruto resentful towards the role of the Hokage and made him decide to follow his own path, not his father’s or grandfather’s. He wanted to be the support of the Kage instead of being a Kage himself, much like what is Sasuke doing for the village. 

Since Boruto came from two very strong bloodlines, it was no longer a surprise that he is a prodigy. He can easily learn techniques and was known as someone who can accomplish anything he wanted. He mastered jonin-level feats even if he is still a genin.

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