Boruto Chapter 60 Spoilers, Release Date, and Time: How Will Code & Team Execute Their Plan?

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Team Kara is about to make their move in the next chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, and fans are excited to find out what will happen in Chapter 60 of Masashi Kishimoto's popular shonen series.

Credit: Shueisha

In Boruto Chapter 59, Team Kara hasn't made a move against Boruto and his friends at Konohagakure yet, but the latest chapter introduced a deadly new villain, and they may start executing their plans in Chapter 60 while Kawaki seems conflicted with his nightmares of his past.

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Here's everything you need to know about Boruto Chapter 60. Be sure to bookmark this page as we update you with more information as new details surface.

Boruto Chapter 59 Recap: What happened in the previous chapter?

Credit: Shueisha

Before we talk about Boruto Chapter 60 spoilers, here's a recap of what happened in Chapter 59:

The chapter opened with a flashback of young Code trying to strangle young Kawaki. The current Kara leader is jealous of Kawaki's skills, and he tells Kawaki if he wasn't the chosen vessel, he would kill him already.

Suddenly, Kawaki wakes up and Amado asks if he's still having nightmares of Jigen punishing him, and Kawaki tells him and Sumire that this time it was Code in his dreams.


Kawaki says that Code is resentful despite knowing the fact that he's no longer a vessel. However, Amado tells him that he's still Isshiki's vessel and he cannot escape from it. Kawaki gets angry and tries to attack Amado who continues to tell him how he's still the vessel. Later on, Amado tells Kawaki that he can still try to embed Karma on Kawaki's body, but it's up to Kawaki to decide if he wants to have it.

In the location where Code met Ada, Code learns about Ada's weakness, and the clairvoyant cyborg tells him that she can be his "eyes and ears" while he can be her knight. Ada also introduces her other knight, her little cyborg brother, Daemon. She explains Daemon's unique ability.

What spoilers have been revealed for Boruto Chapter 60?

Update: Viz Media has released the latest chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, and it teases the secrets behind Daemon and Ada's abilities. Chapter 60 also explains Code's unique Claw Marks ability.

Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jumpshared a preview for Boruto Chapter 60, and it teases: "An even greater enemy is looming over Boruto and the rest as they strive for justice!! Preparing for the incoming attack by the remnants of Kara...Boruto and Kawaki training! A new cyborg, Daemon, has awakened! The time for the final battle is coming!"

According to the description the Twitter post shared above, Boruto Chapter 60 might reveal Kawaki ultimately deciding to move forward to train as the powerful villains are planning to execute their plan against Boruto and the Leaf Village.


Chapter 60 may also reveal more about Amado's intention behind restoring Kawaki's karma. Does he have some selfish motive? Or is it for Konoha's benefit?

We might also see the side effect of the otsutsukification restricting pills that Boruto took.

The appendix card preview text for the upcoming chapter teased that "Code and his team going ahead with their plans! Boruto & the rest engaging?!"

Some pages for the upcoming chapter have been leaked, and it looks like we will see more character development-focused scenes than action-packed fight scenes in Boruto Chapter 60. Twitter user Simon Johnson have shared OrganicDinosaur's list of bulletpoints about the plot, and it reveals that Kawaki is joining the family dinner with Naruto's family, but he is trying to skip the meal for some self-reflection.

It looks like the new chapter will have a scene with Amado assuring that he has no intentions of turning against Konoha, and that he is "supposedly working on making a strong ally for Konoha".

Meanwhile, Code is testing out his "Claw Marks" on Daemon while Ada is being suspcious, "possibly concealing one or more abilities from Code".


It's likely that we will see Code, Ada, and Daemon execute their plan against the Hokage and his friends in Konohagakure.

When will Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 60 be released?

Credit: Shueisha

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 60 is scheduled to release on Tuesday, July 20, 2021, the same date as Dragon Ball Super's next chapter since they are both published in the same Shueisha issue.

Boruto Chapter 60 is expected to release at midnight JST on Tuesday

If this release time is accurate, the English translations for Chapter 60 should arrive online at the following times, but they may be released earlier.

Pacific Time: 9 AM on Sunday, July 20
Central Time: 11 AM on Sunday, July 20
Eastern Time: Noon on Sunday, July 20
British Time: 5 PM on Sunday, July 20

Check out the countdown to the release date of Boruto Chapter 60:


Speculations for Boruto Chapter 60 & future chapters

Boruto manga
Credit: Shueisha

With Code, Ada, and Daemon teaming-up, it's likely that team Kara will invade Konohagakure. We might also see Kawaki unlock his powers with the help of Amado. It's also hinted that Naruto may have to kill his own son if the worst happens, so it's likely that we will see more inner conflict. It would also be interesting to see Ada's interaction with both Boruto and Kawaki since they are said to be immune to her powerful charm.

What do you think will happen in Boruto Chapter 60? Let us know your speculations in the comments section below.