How Many Post-Credit Scenes are in Loki Finale?

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Credit: Marvel Studios

It has been a tradition or signature of Marvel to have post-credits scenes in its releases from films to TV shows. Both the previous series that were aired, WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier had their fair share of a few minutes after the roll or even in between the two credits. Since the finale of the canon series of Loki is already here, how many post-credits scenes are there?

Warning! This article may contain spoilers for Loki. Read at your own risk!

How Many Post-Credit Scenes are in Loki Finale?

How Many Post Credit Scenes are in Loki Finale?
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Surprisingly, there is none. It's not sure if the really short one could be considered as a post-credits scene but what makes it worthwhile is that it has confirmed that Loki will be back for another season and what just happened in the finale definitely blows the mind of everyone as it just gave more questions than answers.

The finale of Loki just made a follow-up on what Sylvie has started: open the multiverse. It could be remembered that in Episode 2, Sylvie paved the way to a whole multiverse by sending various reset charges to different timelines and it resulted in branches continuously growing, to the point where it became uncontrollable. That, in itself, opens a door for the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

And more than that, it also introduced the next big bad of Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many suspected that his arrival would be much earlier because of Jonathan Majors being selected a little too early for his supposed film wherein he would be the main villain. Known as "He Who Remains," Kang the Conqueror made his debut in the finale of Loki.

Kang explained that what he was doing was just right to stop other versions of him from different timelines to go into another multiversal war. He isolated what we now call the "sacred timeline" and made sure that what would happen would not cause any branches, hence, the creation of the Time Variance Authority under a bureaucracy of the fake Time-Keepers.

If that doesn't excite you for what is in store, then what could?

Loki finale is now streaming on Disney+.

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