How Are Devil Contracts Made in Chainsaw Man?

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How Are Devil Contracts Made in Chainsaw Man?
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In Chainsaw Man, it's normal for devil hunters to negotiate with devils to boost their abilities. But how are devil contracts made in Chainsaw Man? What are the different types of contracts? Are hunters limited to having just one contract forever? Find out all the answers below!

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What Is a Devil Contract?

What is a Devil Contract?

A devil contract is a binding verbal agreement between a human (specifically a devil hunter) and a devil. One of the core elements in Chainsaw Man, a devil contract is described as the friendliest relationship between devils and humans.

Meanwhile, Fiends or devils who have taken over a dead human, cannot create a contract. The reason is that contracts can only be broken because of death.

There are contracts, however, that can have a peaceful termination or exit clause, just like what the Fox Devil did when it terminated its contract with Aki Hayakawa.

How Are Devil Contracts Made?

How Are Devil Contracts Made?

Devil contracts are made after the human and the devil have a verbal agreement. Humans must sacrifice something, which can be a part of their body, half of their life, children, or other people, that the devil finds essential.

In return, the human will gain the supernatural abilities of the devil. The devil will acquire the sacrifice by making it disappear instantly, just like what the Ghost Devil did to Himeno. It is unknown what happens to the sacrifice after they vanish.

The contracted devil and human can communicate with each other. The human can also check how much of their sacrificed resource is used.

Types of Devil Contracts

Types of Devil Contracts

There are different types of devil contracts depending on what was agreed upon by the human and the devil. Some contracts can last for a couple of years, while others can be permanent.

There are also instances wherein the human sacrifices each time he or she uses the devil’s power.


Here are the different types of devil contracts:

  • Summoning – The human can summon the devil and use them for combat. Usually, this type of contract requires summoning or a ritual to call on the devil. There is usually a sacrifice each time the devil is summoned and another depending on the power used.
Types of Devil Contracts Akane Snake Devil
  • Supernatural objects – The devil’s power can be manifested into an object that the human can use. The item can be used to summon the devil as well.
  • Hybrid transformation – The human and the devil can fuse to become a hybrid. This rarely happens as the devil must sacrifice their consciousness to fuse with the human. Only Denji has this kind of devil contract.
  • Devil Transformation – Humans gain a monstrous form based on their contracted devil. There are some cases wherein humans fail to return to their selves after the transformation.

Are Humans Limited to One Devil Contract?

Are Humans Limited to One Devil Contract Aki

Humans can form as many devil contracts as they want. The same goes for the devils. Some examples are Aki and Santa with the Curse Devil, Denji with the Blood Devil and the Chainsaw Devil, and Aki with the Control Devil, the Fox Devil, and the Curse Devil.

Humans tend to create multiple contracts to gain more abilities and win against other devils. Meanwhile, the devils agree to multiple contracts to acquire more sacrifices.

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