Chainsaw Man: The Curse Devil’s Contracts and Powers Explained

Chainsaw Man The Curse Devil’s Contracts and Powers Explained Aki Hayakawa
Credit: MAPPA

Chainsaw Man The Curse Devil’s Contracts and Powers Explained Aki Hayakawa
Credit: MAPPA

The Curse Devil debuts as one of the most frightening devils when Aki summons and activates its powers to defeat Katana Man. Himeno realized that Aki had to pay a cost after the Curse Devil manifested before Katana Man. With that being said, here are the Curse Devil's contracts and powers explained in greater detail!

Spoiler Warning: There are Chainsaw Man manga spoilers ahead that go up until the International Assassins arc.

What Is the Curse Devil?

What is the Curse Devil
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Credit: MAPPA

The Curse Devil, as its name implies, is the embodiment of people's fear of curses.

When the Curse Devil manifests, it takes the form of a large, two-headed skeleton with horns.

The right skull of the devil appears more human, whereas the left has three eye slits and longer teeth.

The Curse Devil has clawed hands and a distended ribcage that it uses when attacking someone.

The Curse Devil can also take the form of a dark pair of lips or a monstrously large mouth hovering in the shadows.

Not much is known about the Curse Devil, including its personality. However, its powers and abilities have been revealed in the series due to its contractors, one of whom is Aki Hayakawa.

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What Are the Curse Devil's Powers?

What Are the Curse Devil's Powers Curse Devil
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Aside from the standard devil abilities like regeneration, contract creation, and even corpse possession, the Curse Devil can curse its target if the contractor completes its conditions.

To activate the Curse Devil's powers, the contractor must stab the target three or four times with a nail or a nail-shaped sword.

After that, the Curse Devil appears out of nowhere and grabs the target by their arms in a cross position, biting into their shoulders and necks while crushing their arms.

The Curse Devil's ceremonial rituals, which involve nails, are a reference to "Ushi no Toki Mairi," or "ox-hour shrine visit," which is a traditional method of cursing ritual in Japan.

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Who Are the Contractors of the Curse Devil?

Who are the Contractors of the Curse Devil Aki Hayakawa
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Credit: MAPPA

As of writing, the Curse Devil's two known contractors are Aki Hayakawa and Santa Claus.

In his first fight against Katana Man, Aki uses his Curse Spike, a nail-shaped sword, to stab the former three times and meet the conditions for the Curse Devil to manifest.

The Curse Devil appears before the Katana Man, as expected, to inflict devastating damage.

However, by using the Curse Devil's abilities, Aki lost a significant amount of time from his life, leaving him with only two years to live.

Later in the series, Santa Claus makes a deal with the Curse Devil in exchange for losing sensation in several of her fingers after stabbing her target four times with a nail.

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